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O' Farrell, D. 05d/11:15/Fri Halogen Composition of the Proto-Iceland Plume Source Mantle

O'BANON, E. 04h/15:45/Wed Fluid Driven Sp3-To-Sp2 Transformation in Carbon at 1300K and 1GPa: Experimental Studies

O'brien, A. 10j/2337/Thu Importance of Fe-Mediated Processes in Blackwater River Estuarine Sediments

O'Brien, G. 22c/2292/Thu Classical Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics in SiO2 Systems

O'Brien, P.J. 06l/14:30/Mon Nanogranitoids in Orogenic Peridotites from the Bohemian Massif: Evidence for Partial Melting, Metasomatism or Both?

O'Brien, T. 21f/3095/Mon Recoil Induced Intermediate Age Maximum: Revealed by Diffusion of Ne and Ar in Diocahedral Mica

O'Carroll, D. 10g/17:00/Tue Influence of Wave-Induced Groundwater Flows on Behaviour of Arsenic in a Nearshore Aquifer

O'Connell, B. 03i/16:45/Tue Strong Evidence that Chromium in Shales and Ironstones Tracks Environmental Cycling

O'Connell, C. 15f/2147/Wed Monitoring Hot Spots and Hot Moments of Redox, Iron and Carbon Cycling in Puerto Rican Soils

O'Connor, C. 08d/2071/Mon Gold Deportment Using LA-ICP-MS for High Resolution Elemental Microscopy

O'Connor, J. 05d/08:45/Fri Evolution of Whole-Mantle Plumes: Consequences for Hotspot Volcanism

O'Connor, L. 17b/2298/Tue Multi-Proxy Evidence for Global Cooling during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: The Plenus Cold Event

O'Connor, T. 21b/3127/Thu Rapid Processing of 85Kr/Kr Ratios Using Atom Trap Trace Analysis

O'Dea, A. 17h/3177/Mon Freshwater Input, Upwelling, and the Evolution of Caribbean Coastal Ecosystems on the Central American Isthmus

O'Driscoll, B. 04g/2265/Wed Quantifying Subducted Volatiles from the Leka Ophiolite, Norway

O'Hare, D. 22c/2285/Thu Undestanding Surface Interactions in Aqueous Miscible Organic Solvent Treated Layered Double Hydroxides

O'Loughlin, E. 13c/2091/Tue Interactions of vanadium(V) with iron(II)/(III)-bearing Minerals
13f/2097/Tue Stabilization of a Mixed-Valence U(V)-U(VI) Phase in Systems with Reduced SWy-2 and NAu-1 Clays
13e/09:30/Wed U(IV)-mineral Complexation may Explain U Speciation in Reduced Sediments
11m/09:00/Fri Microbial Community Development Under Iron-Reducing Conditions in Wetland Sediment Microcosms Amended with Electron Shuttles

O'Neil, J. 03h/16:45/Mon Over One Billion Years of Crustal Evolution Recorded in the Saglek-Hebron Complex (Northern Labrador)
06e/14:30/Wed Building Archean Cratons from Hadean Mafic Crust

O'Neill, H.S.C. 02b/09:30/Mon Experimental Constraints on the Evaporation of Moderately Volatile Elements during Planetary Formation
04d/2261/Mon Forsterite-Willemite: A New Pressure Standard for Solid Media Experiments
05h/2238/Tue Are Dry Primitive Arc Basalts Reduced or Oxidized? Insights from Galunggung Volcano, Indonesia
07l/09:00/Wed Partition Coefficients as Sums of Multiple Substitution Mechanisms
05g/2171/Wed The Role of Trace Element Chemistry in Controlling Water Incorporation in San Carlos Olivine
05g/09:45/Thu “Hydroxylation Spectroscopy” may Reveal the History of Olivine Crystals
07e/09:00/Fri Diffusion and Partition Coefficients of 36 Elements in Magnetite as a Function of Oxygen Fugacity
07e/09:15/Fri Diffusion in Plagioclase
05d/09:15/Fri The Redox State of Pre-Shield Stage Magmas at Hawaii
07k/14:30/Fri The Oxidation State of Iron in Basaltic Glasses
07k/15:30/Fri Iron Oxidation State and Molecular Structure of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Glasses: A Raman Spectroscopy Study

O'Neill, M. 05f/2208/Tue Are Carbonate-Fluorapatite Rocks in Carbonatite Complexes the Result of Hydrothermal Processes or Weathering?

O'Regan, M. 17h/3176/Mon Biogeochemical Cycling on the Yermak Plateau during the Last Two Glacial Cycles

O'Reilly, Shane 11c/3013/Tue Perturbations in CO2 Flux and Subsequent Chemosynthesis by Chemoautotrophs in Agricultural Soil are Induced by the Addition of Elemental Sulfur Sº
15f/2134/Wed Linking the Modern to the Ancient with Morphological and Geochemical Signatures in Microbial Mats

O'Reilly, Suzanne Y, 05e/16:45/Mon Ultrapotassic Rocks and Xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Lithospheric Mantle and Asthenosphere during Continental Collision
05e/17:15/Mon Moissanite in Volcanic Systems: Super-Reduced Conditions in the Mantle
05c/2291/Mon Zircon O-Li Isotopic Constraints on the Origins of the Cretaceous Low-δ18O Nianzishan Granite, NE China
05e/09:30/Tue The Unexplored Potential Impact of Pyroxenitic Layering on Upper Mantle Seismic Properties
05e/10:30/Tue Geodynamic Processes during Heroic Collisions Revealed from Geochemical, Microstructural and Geodynamic Information
04g/11:15/Tue Recrystallisation and Shorted-Lived Lattice Disruptions along Mantle Fluid Pathways
05e/17:00/Tue Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry of Cabo Ortegal Pyroxenites: Origin and Age of a Sub-Arc Mantle Domain
05e/2198/Tue Episodic Subduction of Tethyan Slabs Recorded in a Tibetan Ophiolite
05e/2205/Tue Garnet Pyroxenites in Southeastern Australia: Tracing Deep Lithospheric Events
05e/08:30/Wed Recycling and Growth of Zircons in Chromitites from the Subcontinental Listhospheric Mantle
05e/08:45/Wed Archean to Permian Zircons in Cretaceous Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from Eastern Cuba
04h/09:15/Wed CH4 Interaction with Basalt Magma: Super-Reducing Conditions beneath Mt Carmel, Israel
05e/09:30/Wed Deformation and Tectonic Evolution of the Upper Mantle in the Northern Pannonian Basin
18i/15:00/Thu Scandium Speciation in a World-Class Lateritic Deposit

O'Rourke, H. 18a/16:00/Mon Metal Extraction from the Lower Crust and the Genesis of the Irish Zn-Pb Orefield

O'Rourke, J. 02g/17:15/Wed Implications of Early Dynamos for the Evolution of Earth and Venus