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Newton, K. 17a/2286/Tue Late Cenozoic Climate and Carbon-Cycle Dynamics from the Arabian Sea (IODP 355)

Newton, M. 19e/11:00/Wed Fingerprinting the Temperature and Fluid Source of Fracture-Filling Calcite in Geothermal Systems Using Clumped Isotopes

Newton, R. 14d/10:15/Mon Reconstructing Variations in Atmospheric O2 during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic
14b/3135/Mon The Evolution of Shallow Bioturbation: An Empirical Study of the Implications for Enhanced Phosphorus Burial in Marine Sediments
09k/3233/Mon Nitrogen Speciation during Weathering in Simulated Subglacial Environments

Newville, M. 04g/11:00/Tue Garnet as a Recorder of Metasomatism in the Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle
06b/2190/Wed Riesite, a New High Pressure Polymorph of TiO2 that Forms Upon Shock-Release – Comparison to (Zr, Ti)O2 in Pseudotachylites
17g/2312/Wed Bromine Distribution and Speciation within the Aragonite Shell of the Marine Mollusc Arctica islandica
05d/09:15/Fri The Redox State of Pre-Shield Stage Magmas at Hawaii

Neymark, L. 06a/2110/Thu Reliable LA-ICPMS U-Pb Dating of Cassiterite Without an Independent Age Standard

Ng, H.C. 10h/10:30/Thu New Adventures in Marine Silicon Isotope Studies

Ng, J. 17b/16:45/Tue 2.7-Million-Year-Old Ice from Allan Hills Blue Ice Areas, East Antarctica Reveals Climate Snapshots Since Early Pleistocene

Ngounou Ngatcha, B. 13h/2224/Mon POCIS Evidence Yaoundé's Rivers Pesticides Contamination

Nguimatsia Dongmo, F.W. 18d/3210/Thu Contribution to the Study of Bauxitic Formations from Fongo-Tongo (West Cameroon)

Nguyen, Ai 10a/15:15/Fri Coral Geochemical Proxies Reveal Climate Drivers of River Discharge in the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Nguyen, Ann 02b/09:30/Tue Volatiles in high-K Lunar Basalts

Nguyen, Henry 11n/2099/Wed Anthropogenic Organic Contaminants in Water and Sediments of Ballona and Del Rey Lagoons of Los Angeles, California, USA

Nguyen, Hugo 05a/2152/Wed Reappraisal of MORB Redox State Using Both Fe and S Speciation

Nguyen, T.K. 13h/2238/Mon Spatio-Temporal Change of Groundwater Chemistry in Pyosun Watershed, Jeju Volcanic Island, South Korea

Nguyen, U. 13j/2111/Tue Cometabolic Stimulation of Anaerobic Coal Bioconversion Using a Phenanthrene-Degrading Enrichment

Nguyen Quoc, T. 13g/10:15/Thu Identification of Organic-Metal Complexes in Seawater Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Nguyen Tu, T.T. 11c/16:30/Wed Are Lipids Better Preserved in Earth-Worm Casts Compared to Soils? a Mesocosm Experiment with 13C-Labeled Litter
11n/2104/Wed Effects of Early Diagenesis on the Isotopic Signature of Wood: Incubation in Aquatic Microcosm

Ngwa, C.N. 05d/16:15/Thu Primitive Melts and Mantle Sources of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Based on Melt Inclusion Geochemistry

Ni, H. 04f/2262/Mon Laboratory Measurement of Electrical Conductivity on Hydrous Andesitic Melts

Ni, P. 14b/10:45/Tue Oxygenation of the Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic Atmosphere and Ocean: Impact on Marine Life

Ni, Sha 10l/3050/Wed Tracing Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea Using Trace Elemental Geochemistry and Foraminiferal Faunal Assemblages

Ni, Shijun 13m/2216/Thu Vanadium Adsorption onto Goethite and its Speciation Simulation
16a/10:15/Fri Characteristics, Sources, Health Risk Assessment and Prediction Model of Air Pollutants in a Megacity, Southwest China

Niazi, N.K. 13m/10:45/Fri Hydrogeochemistry and Health Risk of Arsenic in Groundwater Wells of Rural Punjab, Pakistan

Nicholas, S. 10i/15:15/Tue Scavenging of Hydroxide Dominated Elements: Insights from Dissolved Titanium in the South Pacific Gyre and Southern Ocean
10g/2017/Tue Tracing Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Coastal Waters on the Irish Shelf and the North East Atlantic with the Ra Quartet
15k/14:30/Wed The Role of Transient Redox Species in Trace Element Biogeochemical Cycles

Nichols, A. 07k/3017/Thu The Oxidation State of Fe in Glasses from the Austral Islands: Limits on Effects of the HIMU Mantle End-Member on Oxygen Fugacity