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Nemchin, A. 02b/10:30/Tue Halogen and Cl Isotope Compositions of Martian Phosphates: Implications for Surface Chemistry and Bulk Mars
02f/09:00/Wed Chronology of the Lunar Magma Ocean
02f/10:45/Wed Tracing the Sources of Lunar Volcanism with Pb Isotopes

Nepochatova, A. 18d/3214/Thu Gold Deportment in Processing Products from Lichkvas-Tey Polymetallic Deposit (Armenia)

Nesbitt, J. 08b/2010/Wed Sub-Nanoscale Characterization by XANES of Vanadium Speciation in Oil Sands Fluid Petroleum Coke

Nesbitt, W. 07i/15:45/Tue The Structure of Alkali Silicate Glasses: A Density and Raman Spectroscopy Study
08k/10:15/Wed Oxygen Speciation in Silicate Glasses and Melts

Nesvorny, D. 02g/15:15/Wed HSE Removal from the Lunar Mantle and the Timeline of the Lunar Bombardment

Neto Dos Santos, C. 23a/09:15/Mon Once Upon a Time, Scientific Fairy Tales Promoting the Discovery, Protection and Use of the Ocean

Nettersheim, B. 14b/11:15/Tue Oxygen Minimum Zones in the Early Cambrian Ocean

Neu, T. 11n/2122/Wed Biogeochemical Cycling in the Plastisphere

Neubeck, A. 14c/2271/Tue High Resolution in situ Measurements Using Space Instrumentation Proves Ni Isotopes as Reliable Biosignature in Fossilized Microorganisms
15f/2146/Wed Archaeal Methanogenesis at the Onshore Serpentinite-Hosted Chimaera Seeps, Turkey

Neubert, N. 10h/16:30/Wed Correlated Mo and U Isotope Signatures in Sediments from the Black Sea and the Cariaco Basin

Neuhold, S. 13h/2237/Mon Effect of Leaching on the Surface Mineralogy of Steel Slags

Neuholz, R. 10d/3016/Wed The Age of Submarine Hydrothermal Plumes – A Radium Isotope Approach

Neuland, M. 14c/2271/Tue High Resolution in situ Measurements Using Space Instrumentation Proves Ni Isotopes as Reliable Biosignature in Fossilized Microorganisms

Neumann, A. 13a/17:00/Thu Biologically Mediated Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Solvents Using Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals
11m/15:45/Fri Redox Reactions of Fe(II)-organic Complexes and Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals
11m/16:00/Fri Organic Contaminant Transformation by Fe(II)-reduced Clay Minerals

Neumann, T. 19h/3058/Mon Adjusting Solute Geothermometry – Methods to Constrain Subsurface Temperature Estimation
19h/10:30/Tue Advanced Geochemical Techniques to Characterize Geothermal Fluid Circulation Patterns
19h/11:00/Tue Arsenic and Lead Speciation in Geothermal Scalings: Implications on Formation Conditions
11m/2089/Wed Characterization of Green Rust Sulfate Transformation Products Associated with Hexavalent Chromium Remediation
21b/10:45/Thu Using Clumped Isotopes on Hydrothermal Carbonate Sequences for Assessing Thermal Water Flow and Fluid Mixing
17d/2058/Thu Identification of Hydrological Extreme Events from High-Resolution Trace Element Distributions in Speleothems
17d/10:00/Fri Hydrology of the Heinrich 1/Bølling-Allerød Transition in a Speleothem Multi-Proxy Record from Tropical Asia

Neumann, U. 18c/09:30/Wed Silver-Bearing Ores of the Clara Mine, SW-Germany

Neumeier, S. 19d/09:30/Mon Incorporation of Radionuclides into Nuclear Waste-Related Materials: Joint Atomistic Modeling and Experimental Approach
19d/3036/Mon Solubility of Ln-Phosphate Waste Forms and Aqueous Ln-Speciation Under Conditions Relevant to Geological Disposal

Neupane, G. 18i/15:45/Thu Rare Earth Element Concentraions in Thermal Oil and Gas Brines In Wyoming

Neurath, R. 11c/16:00/Wed Dead or Alive: Comparing Organo-Mineral Assoications in the Rhizosphere and Detritosphere

Neuville, D.R. 07i/15:45/Tue The Structure of Alkali Silicate Glasses: A Density and Raman Spectroscopy Study
07k/3019/Thu The Effect of Na/K Ratio on the Viscosity of Iron-Silicates: Application to the Yasur (Vanuatu) Volcano
07k/3020/Thu Rheological Changes in Yasur (Vanuatu) Lavas: Micro- vs Macro-Crystallization and the Rest
07k/3023/Thu Role of Iron on Structure and Properties of Glasses and Melts
07k/15:00/Fri Cerium Redox State in Silicate Glasses and Melts: Implications for Properties Change and Structural Roles
07k/15:30/Fri Iron Oxidation State and Molecular Structure of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Glasses: A Raman Spectroscopy Study
07k/16:15/Fri Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts
07k/16:45/Fri The Effect of the Iron Redox on Aluminoborate Glasses: From Nano to Macroscopic Scale

Newell, D.K. 19c/3101/Thu Natural H2 Associated to N2 and He in Intra-Cratonic Environments

Newman, D.K. 20c/11:15/Mon Adaptation to Growth on Fe(II) in the Photoferrotroph R. Palustris TIE-1: A Proteomic and Electron Microscopy Analysis

Newman, S. 07a/17:15/Mon Diffusion, Exchange and Solubility of Water in Rhyolitic Glass: Implications for the Interpretation of the δD Value

Newsome, L. 18d/10:45/Fri Bio-Extraction of Cobalt & Nickel from Laterites at Near-Neutral pH

Newton, A. 13m/2219/Thu Model Study of Drill Cutting Deposition Effects on Sediment Surface Biogeochemistry and Environmental State