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Nealson, K.H. 11m/10:30/Fr Early Temporal Microbial Succession of Marine Chemolithoautotrophic Communities on Iron-Sulfides
15h/16:30/Fr Metabolic Diversity of Hyperalkaliphilic Microbial Communities Associated with Serpentinization at The Cedars

Neave, D. 05a/2156/We The Petrological Record of Magma Storage Under Iceland and the Adjacent Spreading Ridges

Nebel, O. 05c/14:30/Mo Arc Magmatism: Insights from Iron Isotopes
14b/3136/Mo Cambrian Phosphorites as an Archive of the Bio-Geochemical Evolution during the Cambrian Explosion – A Coupled Isotope Investigation
05h/2239/Tu Oxidation State of Melt Generated at the Site of Mantle Metasomatism
06i/09:00/We A 70 Myr Record of Cyclic Continental Back-Arc Melting along the West Gondwana Margin
05b/15:00/We Petrophysical and Experimental Investigations of Fluxed-Melting Processes in the Mantle Wedge
06e/16:30/We Global Dynamics 3Ga ago – Hf Isotopes in Black Shales from Pilbara Craton Support Change
05a/2162/We Tracing Mantle Depletion along the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
06a/14:30/Fr In situ Rb-Sr Dating
05d/16:30/Fr Iron Isotopes from EM1 to HIMU: Processes vs Source Inheritance and Pyroxenite vs Carbonatite

Nebel-Jacobsen, Y. 06e/16:30/We Global Dynamics 3Ga ago – Hf Isotopes in Black Shales from Pilbara Craton Support Change

Nédélec, A. 06e/16:45/We Making Earth’s Continental Crust from Serpentinite and Basalt

Nederbragt, A. 17h/3179/Mo ENSO and PDO Cycles Since Glacial Times: A 55, 000 Year Record of Inter-Annual and Decadal Variabilities from the Gulf of California

Nederbragt, S. 03b/11:00/Fr Fluid Deposited Carbon and Biosignatures in Earth’s Oldest Rocks

Nedialkov, R. 06g/2230/We Chlorite from Elatsite PCD, as a Mineral Vector

Nedosekova, I. 05f/2221/Tu Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Signatures of Alkaline-Carbonatite Magmatism of Urals Fold Belt, Russia

Nedyalkova, L. 19d/15:45/Mo Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur and Selenium Binding in AFm Phases

Neff, D. 12b/11:15/Mo Bio-Corrosion Detection by Sulphur Isotopic Fractionation Measurements Using nanoSIMS
09c/3198/We Effect of Secondary Phases on the Evolution of Glass Alteration
21l/14:30/Fr Development of a nanoSIMS Analytical Protocole to Determine the Sulphur Isotopic Composition of Iron Sulphides Formed during Anoxic Corrosion

Negrel, J. 11j/2069/We Compared Behavior of Boron, Lithium and Uranium Series Isotopes Fractionement during the Weathering of Granite (Strengbach Catchment, France)

Negrel, P. 11j/2071/We Life Cycle of a Catchment from Weathering to Human Impact Traced by Lead Isotopes
11j/2073/We Isotopic Tracing of Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions in Alluvial Contexts
09i/3215/We Tracing the Orgin of Guiana Beachsands Through Multi-Elementary Heavy Mineral Finger Printing
11j/14:30/Th Present-Day and Long-Term Weathering Rates in Elementary Watersheds: Principle and Example of Application

Negulescu, E. 21l/3152/Th Imaging Trace-Element Distribution in Zoned Crystals – An Application to Metamorphic Garnet Porphyroblasts

Nehrbass-Ahles, C. 17h/15:15/Mo Past Dynamics of Atlantic Ocean Overturning: A Multi-Proxy View on Three Key Intervals

Nehrke, G. 10a/10:45/Fr NEW CARBONATE SYSTEM PROXIES: Sr/Ca and U/Ca in Foraminifera

Neil, H. 17h/09:30/Mo SW Pacific Export Production Since the Last Glacial Maximum: No Evidence for Iron Fertilisation

Neimard, M. 10h/3034/We Cenozoic δ7Li Variations of Marine Authigenic Smectite

Nekrasov, A. 05d/2097/Th Interaction of Orthopyroxenes with Carbonates at the Earst’s Crust and Mantle Conditions

Nelson, A. 18i/10:45/Th Transporting Uranium in Acidic Brines Under Reducing Conditions

Nelson, Daniel B. 11n/10:45/Th Hydrogen Isotopes Link Plant Waxes to Rapid Atmospheric Transfer and Deposition

Nelson, David 19g/08:45/Fr Using Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy Technique for Precise 12CH2D2 Measurements

Nelson, J. 08k/16:00/We Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Metal Isotope Fractionation Using Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approaches

Nelson, R. 19g/09:30/Th Organosulfur Radical Acceleration and D/H Isotope Exchange Effects during Petroleum Decomposition
11n/10:15/Th A Biogenic Input of Heptadecane in Surface Waters Prior to and during the Anthropocene

Nelson, W. 05b/2153/Tu Fingerprinting the Mantle during Subduction Initiation Using Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc Boninites