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Noordmann, J. 21l/3150/Thu Intercomparison of δ26Mg Values in Mg Isotope RMs and Standards to a New Isotope RM Traceable to the SI

Nordhoff, M. 15l/17:00/Mon Microbial iron(II) Oxidation Under Anoxic and Microoxic Conditions – Ecology and Biomineral Formation

Nordlund, Å. 01d/09:45/Fri Nucleosynthetic Diversity of Chondrules – Tracking Disk Mass Transport and the Formation of Large-Scale Solar System Reservoirs

Nordstrom, D.K. 07a/08:30/Mon Association Constants of Fe(III)-As(V) Complexes in Solution and Solubility Product of Scorodite up to 90℃
09k/3234/Mon Nitrogen Cycling in Yellowstone National Park Thermal Waters
18h/16:00/Tue Advances in Geochemical Modeling Applied to the Characterization and Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage
13e/3147/Wed Dynamics of Arsenic in Pozuelos Basin, Central Andes, Argentina

Noren, A. 09d/3226/Mon Long-Term Continental Scale Reconstruction of Soil Erosion Based on Lake Sediment Archives and RUSLE Model

Norini, M-P. 13a/16:00/Thu Biogeochemical Processes of Trace Metallic Elements in the Rhizosphere of Phytostabilizing Plants
13m/11:15/Fri Biogeochemical Behavior of As in a Soil Contaminated by the Destruction of Arsenical Shells from the Great War: A Mesocosm Study

Norman, M. 09j/2271/Thu Probing the Groundwater Cycle on Carbonate Islands Using Si and Li Isotopes, Rottnest Island, Australia

Norman, R.L. 18d/3235/Thu Atmospheric Heap Leaching of the Piauí Ni-Co Laterite Deposit, Brazil
18d/09:45/Fri Cobalt Speciation in Lateritic Deposits – Implications for Development of Novel Extraction Strategies

Normandeau, A. 09d/3226/Mon Long-Term Continental Scale Reconstruction of Soil Erosion Based on Lake Sediment Archives and RUSLE Model

Noronha, F. 18c/2301/Tue Magnetic Mineralogy of Variscan Granites: Relation to its Metallogenic Potential on Rare Metals
18c/2303/Tue Rare-Metal Mineralization Associated with a Variscan Breccia Pipe (Borralha, N Portugal)
06j/2147/Thu Fluid Inclusion Studies in a Li- Pegmatite from Covas do Barroso Area, Northern Portugal – Preliminary Results
18d/16:30/Fri Mineralogical Constraints in Ore Processing of Li-Rich Pegmatites

Norra, S. 11k/3048/Tue Hydro-Geochemical Characterization of Eutrophication by Phosphorus in Lake Taihu, China

Norrfors, K. 13o/09:45/Fri Determination of Attachment Efficiency (α) for AuNPs in Soils by Saturated Column Experiments

Norris, A. 04d/09:15/Mon Condensation Temperature, Volatility and the Abundances of Volatile Elements in the Earth
02b/16:15/Mon Earth’s Volatile Element Contents and Volatilities during Partial Melting

Norris, E.S. 09j/10:45/Fri How Natural is the Dissolved Inorganic Composition of Mississippi River Water?

Norris, S. 16d/10:30/Thu Sea Salt Aerosol from Blowing Snow Above Sea Ice – Observed Evidence of a Missing Source

Norskog, K. 19d/17:00/Mon Clay Seals Mineralogy in Deep Borehole Repository

Norström, E. 17d/16:15/Fri Intricacies of Organic Hydrogen and Carbon Isotope Proxies for Past Hydroclimate

Northen, T. 15f/2130/Wed Probing Metabolically Active Cells in Soils Using BONCAT
21a/09:45/Thu Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry

Northwood-Smith, G. 01f/2007/Thu Microstructural Insight into the Impact History of the IAB Parent Body

Norton, K. 09j/17:00/Fri Deciphering Landscape Archives of the Sila Massif by Linking 10Be and 239/240Pu

Nos, J. 19d/3034/Mon U and 226Ra Mobility in the Uranium Mill Tailings of Bellezane (France)

Noseck, U. 13h/09:30/Mon Parameter Determination of Thermodynamic Sorption Models
19d/15:00/Mon Smart Kd-Values as Realistic Distribution Coefficients
19d/3038/Mon Surface Complexation Modelling: Sorption of Ni on Quartz and Orthoclase

Nosova, A. 05d/14:30/Fri The Mantle Metasomatism Assotiated with Kimberlite Magmatism, the Grib Kimberlite Pipe, Arkhangelsk Diamond Province, Russia

Not, C. 17h/3156/Mon Laurentian Channel Bottom Water Temperature as a Proxy for AMOC Intensity

Nothaft, D. 15k/08:30/Wed Coupled Fe, S, N, and CH4 Cycling in Subsurface Serpentinizing Systems