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Mackay, A. 06a/15:30/Fri Patterns of Secondary U in Ostrich Eggshell: Application to U-Th Dating of Quaternary Terrestrial Strata

Macke, E. 08f/2078/Mon Interaction of Dislocations during Mica Dissoultion- a Kinetic Monte Carlo Study
08f/2096/Mon Kinetic Monte Carlo Study on Dissolution Kinetics of Different Sheet Silicate Octahedral Structures
07l/3113/Tue Dissolution Kinetics of the Annite – Phlogopite System: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach

Mackey, J. 10l/3055/Wed Evidence for the Global SPICE Event in Passive Margin Carbonate and Shale in the Appalachian Basin, USA

Mackey, T.J. 14d/08:45/Mon Climatic Extremes at the Dawn of Animal Life
14b/3123/Mon Preliminary Temperature Records from Marinoan-Age Low Latitude Carbonates
14b/3129/Mon Carbonate Clumped Isotope Temperatures from the Onset of the Cryogenian

Macklin, M. 13f/17:00/Tue Speciation of Vanadium in the Hazeltine Creek Catchment Following the 2014 Mount Polley Tailings Dam Spill, Canada

Maclennan, J. 05a/2156/Wed The Petrological Record of Magma Storage Under Iceland and the Adjacent Spreading Ridges
05a/2157/Wed Evaluating Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Proxies along the Reykjanes Ridge
05g/2179/Wed High CO2/Ba Ratios Measured in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Midfell, Iceland
05g/09:00/Thu The Roles of Degassing and Mixing on Volatile-Trace Element Systematics: Implications for Global Carbon Budgets
06g/14:30/Thu On the Relationship between Melt Inclusion CO2 and Magmatic Storage Depths
06g/15:30/Thu X-Ray Microtomography-Based Reconstruction of Total CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
05d/16:30/Thu Cenozoic Magmatism and Dynamic Topography of Libya and Tibesti

Macouin, M. 05a/2154/Wed Depleted Peridotites and Basalts Chemistry of Neoproterozoic Oceanic Lithosphere Remnants (Araguaia Belt, Brazil)

Macpherson, C. 05c/10:45/Mon Titanium Isotopes as a New Tool to Fingerprint the Tectonic Setting of Continent Formation?

Macpherson, G.L. 11o/3054/Tue Do Deeper Roots Enhance Weathering at Depth in Woody-Encroached Grasslands?

Macris, C. 05c/2287/Mon Stable Isotope Evidence for Subduction Fluid Metasomatism in UHP Rocks

Madé, B. 08f/2080/Mon Study of Iron-Bearing Dolomite Dissolution at Various Temperatures: Evidence for the Formation of Secondary Nanocrystalline Iron-Rich Phases on the Dolomite Surface
13f/2093/Tue Redox Reactivity of Actinides in the Context of High Level Waste Geological Disposal: The Role of Hydrogen and Iron

Madeira, J. 05d/10:00/Fri The 2014 Fogo Eruption (Cape Verde): Constraints on the Short-Term Geochemical Evolution and Plumbing System

Madeja, B. 08b/2021/Wed Nucleation of Portlandite

Maden, C. 21l/17:15/Thu Comparison of Ionization Efficiencies by Cavity Source and Conventional Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Sub-Ng Loads of Uranium

Mäder, U. 19d/15:45/Mon Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur and Selenium Binding in AFm Phases

Madigan, D. 13k/11:15/Wed Declining Mercury Concentrations in Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Maeda, L. 15h/15:15/Fri Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit)

Maerz, C. 17h/3176/Mon Biogeochemical Cycling on the Yermak Plateau during the Last Two Glacial Cycles

Magain, N. 15f/2129/Wed Vanadium Nitrogenase in Boreal Cyanolichens: Activity and Regulation

Magaldi, T. 21l/3169/Thu Complete Dissolution of Geological Samples Using NH4HF2 in a Microwave Oven

Magalhães, H.P. 21b/3130/Thu Strange Isotopic Fractionation of Noble Gases Diffusing Through Water

Magalhaes, N. 05f/2222/Tue Sulfur Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India

Magill, C. 17g/14:45/Thu An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve

Magna, T. 05f/2218/Tue Stable Cr Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from S India
05f/2219/Tue Calcium Isotope Composition of Carbonatites – A Case Study of Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India
05f/2220/Tue Hafnium Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks from South and West India
05f/2222/Tue Sulfur Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India
05f/2223/Tue Noble Gases in Indian Carbonatites
05f/2224/Tue Age Disparity for Spatially Related Sevattur and Samalpatti Carbonatite Complexes
10f/2321/Thu Lithium in Brachiopods – Proxy for Seawater Evolution?
10f/10:00/Fri δ26Mg Record of Phanerozoic Oceans

Magnabosco, C. 14e/08:30/Wed Expanding Phylogenetic Trees and Constraining the Divergence of Cyanobacteria