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Luo, Xianrong 18f/10:15/Tue Study on Combined Prospecting Methods and Discussion on Prospecting Effects for Covered Area – Taking Dong’an Gold Deposit as Example
18f/15:30/Tue Application of Geo-Electrochemical Exploration Method for Searching Concealed Antimony Ore
18f/2320/Tue Mechanism of Geoelectrochemical Halo-Forming and Prospecting

Luo, Xuwen 13e/3129/Wed Geochemical Transfer of Thallium in a Sediment Profile from the Pearl River, China and its Source Apportionment by Lead Isotope

Luo, Z. 08f/2076/Mon Fluids Injection: The Mechanism of Plagioporphyry’s Origin in Wuan, China

Lupien, R. 17h/10:30/Mon The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Through the Mid–Pleistocene Transition

Lupker, M. 09d/10:15/Mon Insights into Organic Carbon Oxidation Potential during Fluvial Transport from Laboratory and Field Experiments
11a/10:15/Mon Transport of Organic Carbon and Mineral Associations from Soil to Sea in the Godavari River Basin (India)
11a/2302/Mon Holocene Climate- and Anthropogenically-Driven Mobilization of Terrestrial Organic Matter from the Godavari River Basin, India

Lustrino, M. 05g/08:30/Thu From Carbon in Meteorites to Carbonatite Rocks on Earth

Lusty, P.A.J. 18g/2328/Tue Local-Scale Controls on Ferromanganese Crusts: Tropic Seamount, NE Atlantic
18g/2335/Tue Fe-Rich Cap Lithologies in the TAG Hydrothermal Field: Implications for the Preservation of Extinct Seafloor Massive Sulphide Deposits
18g/16:00/Wed Insights into Three Extinct Seafloor Massive Sulphides Mounds at TAG, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
18g/17:00/Wed Developing a Stratigraphy for Ferromanganese Crusts from Tropic Seamount, North East Atlantic
18g/09:45/Thu Deposit-Scale Studies of Deep-Seafloor Mineral Deposits
18i/15:30/Thu Combined Extraction of Energy and Metals from Ultra-Deep Ore Bodies: The Potential of Cornwall, UK

Luther, G.W. 15k/3235/Tue Manganese Speciation in Seawater: Reaching the (Sub)nanomolar Scale
15k/16:30/Wed The Temporal Variability of Mn Speciation in the Chesapeake Bay and St. Lawrence Estuaries
21a/09:15/Thu Chemistry of Nanoparticulate and (Sub)micron Sized Particles Emanating from Hydrothermal Vents

Lütkes, L. 21b/10:45/Thu Using Clumped Isotopes on Hydrothermal Carbonate Sequences for Assessing Thermal Water Flow and Fluid Mixing

Lüttge, A. 07a/11:15/Mon Understanding Variation in Dolomite Dissolution Rate at Low pH
08f/2078/Mon Interaction of Dislocations during Mica Dissoultion- a Kinetic Monte Carlo Study
08f/2079/Mon Analysis of Surface Topography Under External Stress Using Vertical Scanning Interferometry
08f/2085/Mon The Influence of Carbonate Alkalinity on Calcite Dissolution Kinetics: An Experimental Study
08f/2089/Mon Weighted Voronoi Simulation of the Dissolution of the Calcite Cleavage (104) Surface
08f/2094/Mon Dissolution Kinetics of Polycrystalline Calcite
08f/2096/Mon Kinetic Monte Carlo Study on Dissolution Kinetics of Different Sheet Silicate Octahedral Structures
08f/2097/Mon Molecular Mechanisms of Carbonate Dissolution: Surface Charge and Ionic Structure of Mineral-Water Interface
08f/08:45/Tue Upscaling of Dissolution Rate Contributors from the Atomic Scale to the Macroscopic Scale
08f/09:30/Tue Defect Control of Ca3SiO5 Dissolution in Early Cement Hydration Reactions
08f/10:15/Tue Quantitative Analysis of Solid Solution Dissolution Kinetics
07l/3113/Tue Dissolution Kinetics of the Annite – Phlogopite System: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach
08f/08:45/Wed Kinetic Concepts for Quantitative Prediction of Fluid-Solid Interactions
22c/2296/Thu Clinker Phase Composition Determination by Backscattered Electron Image Analysis and Rietveld Refinement
13m/10:45/Fri Hydrogeochemistry and Health Risk of Arsenic in Groundwater Wells of Rural Punjab, Pakistan

Lutz, E.J. 10j/17:00/Fri In situ Biodegradation in Contaminated Sediments Assessed by Compound Specific Isotope Analysis with High-Resolution Sampling

Lutz, J. 12a/16:00/Mon The Tin-Copper Deposit of Mušiston: Source for Ancient Tin Bronzes
08b/2009/Wed Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Driven by Engineered Protein

Lutz, S. 15g/10:30/Tue The Great Melting: The Unstoppable Contest between Snow Physics, Soot, Mineral Dust and Microbes
15g/11:00/Tue Particulate Geochemistry and Algal Growth as Factors Driving Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet
15g/11:15/Tue Novel Microbial Communities in Subglacial (Dark) Permafrost
15g/3208/Tue Pollution from the 2014/15 Bárðarbunga Eruption Monitored by Snow Cores from Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland
15g/3214/Tue The Source and Fate of Microbes on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Lützenkirchen, J. 13h/09:30/Mon Parameter Determination of Thermodynamic Sorption Models
13h/2216/Mon Treatment of Temperature Dependence of Interfacial Speciation by Speciation Codes and Temperature Congruence of Oxide Surface Charge

Lutzoni, F. 15f/2129/Wed Vanadium Nitrogenase in Boreal Cyanolichens: Activity and Regulation

Luu, T-H. 02e/15:00/Tue Timing of the Bulk Chemical Fractionation of Planetary Bodies

Luvizotto, G.L. 06l/14:45/Mon P-T Constraints on High-Pressure Granulites from Southern Brasilian Belt: Ti-Quartz and Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry
14b/3130/Mon Pathways of Barite and Phosphate Formation Following Neoproterozoic Glaciations (Sete Lagoas Formation, Brazil)
06b/10:15/Thu Application of Rutile Thermometry to Quartzite: A New Tool in Metamorphic Studies

Luz, B. 21g/14:30/Wed Analytical and Experimental Means for Studying Triple Oxygen Isotope Variations in Earth Surface Materials

Luz, F. 18f/2322/Tue Whole-Rock Geochemistry and Pb Isotope Compositions in Metasediments of the Iberian Pyrite Belt; Relevance to Mineral Exploration

Lv, P. 09d/3220/Mon Chemical and Strontium Isotopic Compositions of Dissolved Loads in the Upper Reaches of the Pearl River, South China

Lv, Y. 13h/2249/Mon The Hydrolysis Behavior of Methyl Parathion Absorbed by Various Minerals

Lyle, M. 17h/10:15/Mon Iron Fertilization of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Linked to Heinrich Stadial Events

Lyngsie, G. 08k/11:15/Wed Metabolite-Mineral Reactions as a Source of Reactive Oxygen Species
11c/17:00/Wed Fractionation and Competitive Adsorption of DOM Components at the Water-Goethite Interface

Lyon, I. 05h/08:30/Tue Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) in High Pressure Subduction Zone Minerals from the Western and Central Alps

Lyons, J. 02b/08:45/Mon The Carbon Isotope Composition of the Sun