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Lu, Jiang-Gu 05e/2205/Tu Garnet Pyroxenites in Southeastern Australia: Tracing Deep Lithospheric Events

Lu, Jiangheng 13h/2248/Mo Study on Crystal Phase Change Process of Two Line Ferrihydrite and Cadmium Adsorption Ability

Lu, Jianjun 18h/2339/Tu Hydrothermal Flows: A Direct Approach

Lu, L-Y. 11k/3045/Tu Volcanic Source of Phosphorus for Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Phosphorites in the Three Gorge Area, South China: Constraint from in situ REE Geochemistry

Lu, M. 08e/2028/We Natural Metallic Nano-Micro Particles: From Ores to the Surface
18d/3216/Th Mineralogy Study in the Zijinshan Orefield, Fujian Province, China

Lu, T. 12b/2335/Mo Carbon Isotopes of Nephrite-Hosted Graphites: Implications for the Origin Discrimination of Nephrite Jade

Lu, Weiqi 17g/2328/We Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Phytoplankton as a Potential Proxy for pH Rather Than for [CO2(aq)]: Observations from a Carbonate Lake

Lu, Wenning 05c/2277/Mo Behavior of Calcium Isotopes during Slab Subduction

Lu, X.C. 07a/08:30/Mo Association Constants of Fe(III)-As(V) Complexes in Solution and Solubility Product of Scorodite up to 90℃
22c/10:45/Th Structural Alteration of Iron Oxides of Manganese Substitution and Potential Application for Pb(II) Removal
11m/08:45/Fr Changes in Valence State and Spatial Distribution of Iron on Pure-Cultivating Acidothiobacillus Ferrooxidans Cells
11m/15:30/Fr Fate of Arsenic during the Interaction of Dissolved Fe(II) with Mn Substituted Iron Oxides

Lu, Yafei 04d/2257/Mo High Pressure Melting Behavior of EH3 Chondrite

Lu, Yanbin 10i/2196/Mo 231Pa and 230Th in the Arctic Ocean 1991-2016: Changes in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins
10i/14:30/Tu What do Deviations from the Reversible Scavenging Model Tell us About the Removal of Trace Elements from the Ocean?
10n/11:00/We Vertical POC Flux Profiles and Oxygen Utilization Rates from Particulate 230Th-Normalization

Lu, Yang 08f/2087/Mo Sequestration of Copper and Lead during Iron Mineral Transformation Under the Impact of Humic Substances

Lu, Yangyang 10n/15:45/We Light Effect on N2 Fixation and Diazotroph Derived Nitrogen Net Release of Field Trichodesmium

Lu, Ying-Hui 06h/3134/Tu Integrated Geochemical Constraints on Source Nature and Melting Conditions of Triassic Granites from South Qinling, Central China

Lu, Zheng-Tian 21b/09:30/Th A New Laboratory for Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating
21b/3138/Th Underground Production of 81Kr Detected in Subsurface Fluids
21b/3139/Th Sampling and Sample Preparation for Radiokrypton Dating of Groundwater, Glacier Ice and Ocean Water

Lu, Zunli 10l/09:30/Fr Reconstructing the Variability of the SE Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Using Geochemical Proxies in Benthic Foraminifera
10f/10:15/Fr The Mesozoic Seas Incarnadine: Trace Metal Availability and the Transition from Green to Red Algal Dominance

Luais, B. 02g/3197/Tu Germanium Isotopic Variations in Metals in H Chondrites: Implications for Metal-Silicate Segregation
02g/3200/Tu Origin of Pallasites from Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Siderophile and Volatile Element
18i/11:15/Th An Experimental Study of REE Solubility in Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions Under Hydrothermal Conditions

Luca, A. 07a/2180/Mo Mineral Dehydration as a Source of Water for Some Natural Portlandite Formation

Lucas, S. 14d/10:45/Mo Using Extraterrestrial 3He Concentration to Examine Changing Sedimentation Rates within a Precession Cycle

Lucas, Y. 09j/14:30/Fr Tracking Deep-Water Rock-Interactions in the Critical Zone: Evidence from Geochemical and Isotopic Data of Borehole Waters from Elementary Watersheds (Ringelbach CZO – France)

Lucassen, F. 09i/17:00/We Holocene Provenance Shift of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Amazon River Basin

Lucio, M. 11a/11:15/Mo Assessing the Universe of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) of Polydisperse Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM)
14a/15:00/Tu Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites

Lückge, A. 10l/09:30/Fr Reconstructing the Variability of the SE Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Using Geochemical Proxies in Benthic Foraminifera

Lüders, V. 18c/10:15/We Fluid Evolution of the Zinnwald Sn-W-Li Deposit, Erzgebirge: Insights from Fluid Inclusions

Ludwig, T. 05h/09:00/Tu Effect of Water on the F and Cl Partitioning Behavior between Olivine and Silicate Melt
07e/08:45/Fr Effects of T, ƒO2, and Doping Level on Diffusion of HFSE in Rutile