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Lamali, A. 23a/08:45/Mon Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences

Lamarche-Gagnon, G. 15g/3210/Tue Subglacial Weathering Controls Silicon Isotope Composition of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwaters

Lamb, B. 13k/3176/Wed In-Vivo Inhalation of Arsenic Laden Mine Waste Particles

Lamb, H. 17d/15:45/Fri Impact of Heinrich Stadials on North-East Africa Soils during the Late Quaternary

Lamb, M. 15k/10:30/Wed Organic Sulfur Fluxes and Isotope Mass Balance in Rivers

Lambart, S. 05a/15:00/Wed Batch vs Continuous Melting: Importance of the Melting Regime in Quantifying the Mantle Heterogeneity

Lambelet, M. 10i/2204/Mon Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean: Results from the GEOTRACES GA06 Cruise
10i/09:30/Tue Neodymium Isotopic comNeodymium Isotopic Composition of East Antarctic Continental Shelf and Deep Water

Lambers, H. 13l/2190/Thu Distribution and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements along the Jurien Bay Dune Chronosequence

Lambert, R. 21f/08:45/Tue Towards a Physical Kinetic Model for Feldspar OSL-Thermochronometry

Lamboux, A. 13k/16:30/Wed A Comprehensive Box-Model for Calcium Isotopes in Humans

Lambs, L. 09j/10:30/Fri Source Apportionment of Particulate and Dissolved Carbon in the Humid Mountainous Tropical Rivers Through Stable Carbon Isotope Approach

Lammers, K. 07a/08:30/Tue Dissolution Kinetics of Muscovite and K-Feldspar at Geothermal Conditions

Lammers, L.N. 11a/10:45/Mon Rates of Authigenic Carbonate Precipitation in Marine Sediments Using Ca and Sr: Implications for the Marine δ13C Record
08f/17:00/Tue Molecular Simulations of Kinetic Ca Isotope Fractionation at the Calcite-Water Interface
17g/09:00/Thu Thermodynamic Basis for the Mg/Ca Paleotemperature Proxy

Lamminmaki, T. 13n/09:45/Tue Microbial Metabolism in the Deep Subsurface of Olkiluoto, Finland

Lamont, T. 06i/10:45/Wed Compression to Extension: The Geological Signature for Rapid Tectonic Reversal from Naxos, Greece

Lamoureux, S. 15g/09:45/Tue A Pan-Canadian Study of Optical Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Active Layer and Permafrost

Lamoureux-Var, V. 19g/3116/Thu Geochemical Evolution of Oil Sands Upon Aquathermolysis during Steam Injection Processes for Oil Recovery

Lamp, J. 17h/08:30/Mon The Response of the Subantarctic Pacific to Climate Change: Reconstructing Dust Flux and Biological Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle

Lampiri, M. 13a/2169/Thu Trace Metal(oid) Stabilization by Raw and Thermally Modified Geo-Materials as Soil Amendments

Lamy, F. 17h/08:30/Mon The Response of the Subantarctic Pacific to Climate Change: Reconstructing Dust Flux and Biological Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
17h/09:00/Mon Subantarctic Pacific Iron Fertilization during the Last Ice Age
09i/3222/Wed Sources of Glacial South Pacific Dust

Lan, T. 09i/3210/Wed Geochemical Characteristics and Implications for Stratigrapic Correlation of Lenticular Limestone on Maokouan Stage of Permian in Luocheng, Guangxi

Lan, Z. 10d/3023/Wed SIMS U-Pb Zircon Ages and Ni-Mo-Pge Geochemistry of the Lower Cambrian Niutitang Formation in South China: Constraints on Ni-Mo-Pge Mineralization

Lana, C. 06l/08:45/Mon Metamorphism and Exhumation of Basement Gneiss Domes in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, SE Brazil: Proterozoic Reworking of an Archean Dome-And-Keel Province
06h/09:00/Wed Extreme U-Pb Zircon Age Variability in the Lower Crustal Galiléia Batholith (SE Brazil)
07j/3092/Wed Characterization of Zircon, Apatite and Xenotime Reference Materials via High-Precision U-Pb LA-MC-ICP-MS
06j/15:15/Thu Post-Orogenic Hydrothermal Fluid-Flow in the Eastern São Francisco Craton: Implications for Ore Mineralization
06j/16:45/Thu B Isotopic Composition (LA MC-ICP-MS) of Tourmaline from the Quadrilátero Ferrífero (SE Brazil): Constraints on Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution
06f/15:30/Fri São Francisco–Congo Craton Breakup: Clues from U-Pb-Hf of Detrital Zircon in Neoproterozoic Metasediments of the Araçuaí Belt (SE Brazil)

Lanari, P. 06l/16:00/Mon Jadeite and Nepheline in the Gran Paradiso Massif, W. Alps: Stability vs. Metastability in the High-Pressure Evolution of Continental Crust
06l/3182/Mon Nepheline-Jadeite Field-Trip in the Gran Paradiso Massif: Permian Alkaline and Alpine Problems
09j/16:30/Fri Chronology, Patterns and Rates of Erosion and Deposition Processes, Western Peruvian Andes

Landais, A. 21g/11:15/Wed Triple Surface Snow Isotopic Composition Records Metamorphism
21g/15:45/Wed High Precision Measurements of Δ17O in CO2 Using VCOF CRDS
11n/2116/Wed Compound-specific δ18O of Triterpenols: Rationale, First Results and Issues
16d/3055/Thu Implementation of Vapour Diffusion and Isotopes in the Crocus Snowpack Model