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Laes-Huon, A. 13m/2210/Thu ELVIDOR- Vibrating Gold Micro-Wire Electrode: In situ High Resolution Measurements of Copper in Marine Environments

Lafage-Proust, M-H. 13k/16:30/Wed A Comprehensive Box-Model for Calcium Isotopes in Humans

Lafay, R. 06j/08:30/Fri Fluid-Rock Interaction and Textural Changes due to Reaction Progress during Serpentinite Dehydration in the Bergell Contact Aureole (Italian Alps)

LaFlamme, C. 05c/2275/Mon Atmospheric Sulfur in the Orogenic Gold Deposits of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton

Lafrenière, M. 15g/09:45/Tue A Pan-Canadian Study of Optical Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Active Layer and Permafrost

Lagata, C. 18d/3233/Thu Morphology and Mineral Chemistry of Gold-Bearing Pyrites in the Runruno Ore Deposit, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Lagneau, V. 22b/10:30/Fri Nuclear Glass Alteration: Bridging the Gap from Surface Reactivity Description to Reactive Transport at the Scale of the Fractured Block
22b/15:00/Fri An Experimental vs. Numerical Approach to Determine Capability of Archie’s Law to Explain Impact of Evolving Porosity on Diffusivity

Lagos, M. 02f/08:45/Wed Evidence for a Primitive Terrestrial Mo/W of the Bulk-Silicate Moon

Lahaye, Y. 06j/17:15/Thu Li Isotopes in Fluid Inclusions as Tracers for Crustal Fluids

Lahera, E. 04f/2264/Mon X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Critical Properties
13e/3122/Wed HERFD-Xas: A New Powerful Structural Tool in Environmental & Geochemistry Sciences

Lahfid, A. 19g/3115/Thu Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Material (RSCM) Geothermometery in Rocks of Advanced Diagenesis Processes and Low-Grade Metamorphism: Application to the Franciscan Complex, CA, to Examine the Pressure Effect

Lahijani, H. 17d/16:00/Fri Speleothem Records of Glacial/Interglacial Climate from Iran Forewarn of Future Water Availability in the Interior of the Middle East

Lai, D. 20c/2344/Mon Niche Specificity of Bathyarchaeota in the Surface Sediment of Pearl River Estuary, China

Lai, J. 07i/3092/Tue Study on Preparation for an Environment Catalyst—Perovskite-Type Rare Earth Oxides LaFeO3

Lai, Xiadong 18i/2289/Wed Geochemical Features of Host Rocks of Iron Adsorption Type REE Deposit in South Jiangxi Province, China

Lai, Xiaojing 04h/15:00/Wed Experimental Investigations into the Fate of Subducted Carbonates and Origin of Super-Deep Diamonds

Lai, Yi-Jen 01f/09:30/Thu The Abundance of 92Nb in the Early Solar System
01i/2033/Thu The Timing of Moderately Volatile Element Depletion in Planetesimals and Planets
01i/2036/Thu Genetic Relationships of Solar System Materials Based on Ti Isotope Compositions

Lai, Yong 18a/3023/Mon Regional Metallogeny of Mo-Cu Porphyry Deposits in Northeastern China, It’s Model and Prospects

Laignel, B. 10j/2336/Thu Biogeochemical Processes in Water-Soil Interface in Mboro Littoral Wetlands from Senegal

Laitz, M. 13l/16:15/Fri Deposition of Rare Earth Elements and Indium from the Atmosphere to an Ombrotrophic Bog in the Northeastern United States

Lajeunesse, E. 09j/2266/Thu The Transient Response of Chemical Weathering to Hydrology: Insights from River Dissolved Trace Element Concentrations and Li Isotopes

Lakshtanov, L. 07a/2165/Mon How Biopolymers Control Calcite Precipitation

Lalonde, S. 03j/2052/Mon An Expanded Molybdenum Isotope Dataset for Precambrian Stromatolitic Carbonates
03j/2053/Mon Preliminary Geochemical Data from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Canada)
14b/3131/Mon Constraints on Paleoenvironments and Surface Temperatures in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic and Implications for Metazoan Evolution
14b/3133/Mon A Shallow-To-Deepwater Geochemical Transect of a Neoproterozoic Marinoan Cap Dolostone (Noonday Formation, Death Valley Region)
15f/2140/Wed Temperature, Growth Rate, and Pressure Dependence on S Isotope Fractionation in Desulfovibrio Hydrothermalis
14e/3111/Wed Terrestrial Microbial Mats at 3, 220 Myr ago (Moodies Group, SA)
03b/2153/Thu Ultra-Radiogenic Hafnium in Archean BIF: Intense Sedimentary Lu/Hf Fractionation at 3.2 Ga
21l/3168/Thu A New Method for the Analysis of δ13C and δ18O of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon
03b/09:30/Fri Globally Asynchronous Sulfur Isotope Signals Require Re-definition of the Great Oxidation Event
03b/09:45/Fri 18O-Depleted Sulfate Fingerprint of Paleoproterozoic Glacial Meltwater

Lam, P.J. 10i/08:30/Mon Surprises in Iron Cycling at the Peru Margin
10i/11:15/Mon The Acceleration of Dissolved Cobalt’s Ecological Stoichiometry due to Biological Uptake, Remineralization, and Scavenging in the North Atlantic Ocean
10i/14:45/Tue On the Effect of Particle Composition on Thorium Scavenging in the North Atlantic
10n/11:00/Wed Vertical POC Flux Profiles and Oxygen Utilization Rates from Particulate 230Th-Normalization

Lamadrid, H. 07a/09:00/Mon Micro-Reactors: A Novel in situ Tool to Monitor Chemical Reactions