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L’helguen, S. 16d/3064/Thu Response of the Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacterium C. Watsonii to Input of Atmospheric Iron from Saharan Dust

La, C. 04g/2262/Wed Melt-Rock Interactions in South Armorican Peridotites
17g/15:45/Thu Mn/Ca Ratios as Proxy for Benthic Ecosystem Oxygenation: Culturing Study and Field Observations of Ammonia Tepida

La Fontaine, A. 08e/2033/Wed Re-Os Geochronology of Sub-Micrometre Meteoritic Alloys Through Atom Probe Microscopy

Laan, P. 10i/2191/Mon Trace Metal Dynamics in the Water Column along a Shelf-To-Basin Transect in the Black Sea

Labasque, T. 21b/08:30/Thu Advances in Field Noble Gas Measurements Towards Operational Hydrology
06j/14:30/Thu Meteoric Water Fluxes in the Himalayas

Labaume, J. 19f/15:15/Tue Plugging Wellbore Formations with Environment-Friendly Silicate Gels

Labelle, L. 21g/3166/Tue Chlorine (δ37Cl) Stable Isotope Distribution in the Groundwaters of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario, Canada

Labille, J. 13o/2238/Thu Eco-Design of Sunscreens Through the Minimization of Risks Associated with Nanomaterials
13o/2239/Thu Investigations into Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle and Pesticide Interactions in Aqueous Environments
13o/09:30/Fri Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Suspended Particulate Matter Analogues as Compared to a Natural River System

Labrenz, M. 16c/08:45/Fri Methane Production by Zooplankton

Labrincha, J. 13j/09:45/Wed Effect of Composition and Temperature in Mines Waste Based Cements

Labrousse, L. 21f/3092/Mon U-Pb SIMS Apatite Dating Using a Common Lead Correction (Examples from the Scottish Caledonides)

Lacan, F. 10i/11:00/Mon Using Aluminum and Manganese to Constrain the Contribution of the Solomon Sea to the Equatorial Undercurrent Trace Metal Pool
10i/2190/Mon Iron Isotopic Fractionation by Phytoplankton Uptake off Kerguelen Islands
10g/2014/Tue Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline
10m/09:30/Wed Distribution of Radium-226 along the GA01-GEOTRACES Section in the North Atlantic
11j/2083/Wed A New Compilation of Element Concentrations in the Natural River Water Standard SLRS-6 (NRC-Cnrc)
21l/3166/Thu Interferences and Matrix Effects during 57Fe-58Fe Double Spike Iron Isotope MC-ICPMS Measurements

Lacerda, L.D. 17l/2348/Wed Impact vs Volcanism in the Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes

Lach, A. 08b/2019/Wed Reactive Transport Modelling of Calcium Carbonate Formation in a Lab-on-A-Chip Device at 25℃
18d/11:00/Fri Study of Deep in situ Biomining of Copper Ore

Lach, P. 09i/3215/Wed Tracing the Orgin of Guiana Beachsands Through Multi-Elementary Heavy Mineral Finger Printing

Lachitavong, K. 11o/3060/Tue Decrease in Rice Production during the Dry Season in a Central Region of Thailand: Linking Water, Paddy Soil, and Rice Properties

Lacinska, A. 05f/2210/Tue Ash-Fall Deposits of Rare Earth Elements: A New Deposit Type?

Lackey, J.S. 06j/2141/Thu Modeling Fluid Flow in Low-D18O Skarns: Insights from Empire Mountain, Mineral King, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Lackner, K. 07a/09:15/Mon Mineral Carbonation in a Low Energy System

Lacoue-Labarthe, T. 10c/2007/Tue Combined Effects of Ocean Acidification and Metals on Sea Urchin Larval Development

Lacrampe-Couloume, G. 10j/17:00/Fri In situ Biodegradation in Contaminated Sediments Assessed by Compound Specific Isotope Analysis with High-Resolution Sampling

Lacroix, B. 19g/3115/Thu Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Material (RSCM) Geothermometery in Rocks of Advanced Diagenesis Processes and Low-Grade Metamorphism: Application to the Franciscan Complex, CA, to Examine the Pressure Effect

Ladd, S.N. 11n/10:45/Thu Hydrogen Isotopes Link Plant Waxes to Rapid Atmospheric Transfer and Deposition
11n/15:45/Thu Interactions between Nutrient Induced Changes in Algal Community Structure and Hydrogen Isotopes of Lipid Biomarkers

LaDue, N. 23a/10:15/Mon An Interdisciplinary Approach to Building Students’ Spatial Thinking Skills from High School Through College

Laes, A. 15b/3185/Thu On the Nature of Dissolved Copper Ligands in the Early Mixing Zone of Hydrothermal Vents