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Kaufman, A. 14e/3107/Wed Understanding the Interplay between S Source and Metal Availability in the Archean: An Example from the Jeerinah Formation
03b/16:15/Fri Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes

Kaulich, B. 14a/2259/Tue A Nanoscale STXM Study of the Murchison CM2 Chondrite

Kaulina, T. 06f/14:30/Fri Archean TTG and Associated K-Granite Petrogenesis: Mineral Chemistry and Geochemical Perspective

Kaur, J. 13k/17:15/Wed Pulmonary Inflammatory Responses to Acute Meteorite Dust Exposures – Implications for Human Space Exploration

Kaushal, R. 17d/16:30/Fri Reconstructing Palaeo-Hydroclimate Using Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Grains

Kawade, W. 03b/2155/Thu Experimental Study on Synthesis of Ammonia and Organic Nitrogen Species by Photochemistry on Terrestrial Planets
03b/2162/Thu Inflence of Redox Environment on UV Organic Synthesis

Kawagucci, S. 18g/2331/Tue Geochemical and Biological Features of Hydrothermal Vent Fields Newly Discovered in the Okinawa Trough

Kawahata, H. 09d/3213/Mon Geochemical Compositions and Provenance of Core Sediments from the Gulf of Thailand and East Coast of Malay Peninsula
10c/2003/Tue Different Responses of Biosphere to Ocean Acidification

Kawakami, T. 06j/2146/Thu Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Garnet from Granulite Facies Rocks
06j/09:00/Fri Infiltration of Prograde Cl-Rich Fluid into the Granulitic Continental Crust from a Collision Zone in East Antarctica (Perlebandet, Sør Rondane Mountains)

Kawamoto, D. 13h/2241/Mon 113Cd CP-Mas NMR Spectra of Cadmium Hydroxides Containing Various Anions in their Structures
22c/2289/Thu Change in the Chemical State of [AuCl4-n(OH)n]- Complex Ion (n=0 – 4) by the Substitution of Cl- with OH-

Kawamoto, M. 21i/3107/Mon Groundwater Flow System in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, Traced by tritium-3He and 129I Dating Methods

Kawamoto, T. 06l/3183/Mon Characteristics of Fluid in a Subduction Zone during the Formation of Jadeite-Quartz Rocks

Kawamura, K. 11a/2306/Mon Long-Term (2001-2012) Trends in Carbonaceous Aerosols from Chichijima Island in the Western North Pacific: An Outflow Region of Asian Pollutants and Dust
16d/11:00/Thu Primary Biological and Biomass Burning Aerosols at the Northern Slope of Mt. Everest, Central Himalayas
16e/15:00/Fri Changes in Atmospheric Loading, Composition and 13C Isotope Ratios of Organic Aerosols with Biological Activity in Northeast Asia
16e/17:00/Fri Molecular Distributions and Isotopic Compositions of Organic Aerosols over the Western North Atlantic: Dicarboxylic Acids, Oxoacids, α-Dicarbonyls (Glyoxal and Methylglyoxal), Lipid Class Compounds, Sugars, and Secondary Organic Aerosol Tracers

Kawana, K. 05g/2177/Wed Long-Term Monitoring of Helium Isotope Ratio of the Volcanic Gas and Hot Spring Water at Izu-Oshima Volcano, Japan

Kawasaki, M. 11d/2319/Mon Elucidation of Nitrate Dynamics in a Temperate Region Watershed with Heavy Snowfall Using Triple Oxygen Isotopes as Tracers

Kawasaki, N. 01d/09:30/Fri 26Al−26Mg Mineral Isochrons of Nebular Condensates from the Efremovka CV3

Kawazoe, T. 04d/2259/Mon Elusive Fourth Polymorph of Olivine
07i/11:15/Tue Comparative Brillouin Spectroscopy Measurements Suggest that Water May be Seismically Invisible in Earth’s Transition Zone

Kaye, J. 09b/15:30/Wed Agricultural Irrigation in Drylands Leads to Development of Pedogenic Carbonate and Release of Soil CO2

Kaygusuz, A. 06h/3130/Tue U-Pb Zircon Dating and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics of Post-Collisional I-Type Monzonitic Intrusions in the Gölköy (Ordu) Area, NE Turkey
06h/3151/Tue Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Geochemistry and U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Post-Collisional Adakitic Intrusion in the Southwest of Samsun, N Turkey

Kazimoto, E. 05f/09:45/Wed The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface

Ke, C. 06h/16:15/Tue Magmatic Evolution and Source of the Proterozic Rapakivi Granite Complex in the North China Craton

Ke, S. 05c/2277/Mon Behavior of Calcium Isotopes during Slab Subduction
05c/2285/Mon Multiple Influences on the Calcium Isotopic Compositions of Basalts:evidence from the Cenozoic Basalts of Eastern China
05c/2295/Mon Iron Isotopic Compositions of A-Type Granites
06e/2193/Wed Weathering Dominated the Archean Crustal Evolution: Evidence from Mg Isotopic Compositions of Archean Potassic Granitoids

Kebukawa, Y. 05g/08:30/Thu From Carbon in Meteorites to Carbonatite Rocks on Earth

Kedem, N. 09i/3225/Wed Provenance of the Miocene Sequence in Southern Israel: A Multi Proxy Iso-Geochemistry Study

Kedia, S. 16a/3027/Thu Himalayan Extreme Rainfall Events Using WRF-Chem: Response to Atmospheric Chemistry