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Kaartvedt, S. 10c/2004/Tu Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in the Mesopelagic Fish Accumulation Layer: Implications for C Cycling

Kaba, M. 10j/2336/Th Biogeochemical Processes in Water-Soil Interface in Mboro Littoral Wetlands from Senegal

Kabamba Baludikay, B. 03i/17:00/Tu Early Eukaryotes: Insights from Microanalyses of Proterozoic Microfossils

Kabengi, N. 13h/09:45/Mo A Combined Flow Microcalorimetry and Surface Complexation Modeling Study of Ion Exchange Thermodynamics at the Rutile-Water Interface
13h/2236/Mo Alkali Metal Cation Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces

Kabiru, M. 05b/2165/Tu Discussion of M-Type Plagiogranite at the South of Subduction Zone (Bursa-Uludag)
18d/08:45/Fr Understanding Rare Earth Elements Enrichments on the Border of Ophiolitic Rocks and Schists (Southern Uludag)

Kacenelenbogen, M. 16d/3054/Th Creating Aerosol Types from CHemistry (CATCH) to Better Connect Remote Sensing and Models

Kaczmar, F. 16d/3064/Th Response of the Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacterium C. Watsonii to Input of Atmospheric Iron from Saharan Dust

Kaczmarek, K. 17g/10:30/Th Revisiting Mg Isotopic Fractionation in Foraminifera

Kaczmarek, M-A. 05e/09:30/Tu The Unexplored Potential Impact of Pyroxenitic Layering on Upper Mantle Seismic Properties
02g/3199/Tu Microstructural Investigations of Ureilite Meteorite Sayh Al Uhaymir 559

Kadil'nikov, P. 06h/3152/Tu Late Ediacarian Adakites from the Yenisey Ridge Orogen, Western Framing of the Siberian Craton: Petrology and Tectonic Setting

Kadioglu, S. 06e/2220/We Displaying the Internal Structures of Midas Monument Remained via GPR and Determination their Petrographic and Mineralogical Properties via Confocal Raman Spectroscopy: Central Anatolia, Eskişehir, Turkey

Kadioglu, Y.K. 05e/2200/Tu Late Mesozoic Intrusives and their Nature in the Evolution of Eastern Europe: Strandja Massif, NW Turkey
07i/3093/Tu Type and Formation of Cancrinite within the Alkaline Intrusive Rocks: Özvatan (Kayseri)–Turkey
07i/3099/Tu Multispectroscopic Applications for the Determination of Serpentine Minerals from Different Geologic Environments (SW-Turkey)
06e/2206/We Nature of Mafic Intrusions in Central Anatolia, Turkey
06e/2220/We Displaying the Internal Structures of Midas Monument Remained via GPR and Determination their Petrographic and Mineralogical Properties via Confocal Raman Spectroscopy: Central Anatolia, Eskişehir, Turkey
06g/2221/We Petrogenetic Implications of Yörükkaracaören Sub-Volcanic Rocks (Eskişehir-Turkey)

Kadko, D. 16d/16:15/Th Aerosol Deposition and Fractional Solubility of Trace Elements in the Remote Ocean

Kadlag, Y. 02b/09:15/Mo Siderophile Volatile Element Fractionation in the Solar Nebula

Kaercher, P. 04c/16:45/Th Velocity Profiles and Deformation of Silicate Post-Perovskite in the Lowermost Mantle

Kafantaris, F-C.A. 15k/16:45/Tu Geochemical Kinetics of Polysulfide Formation
15k/09:00/We Sulfur-Carbon-Oxygen Cycling and the Role of Polysulfide as a Cryptic Molecule

Kagi, H. 05g/2175/We Reaction between Olivine and Nitrogen Fluids at High Pressure and High Temperature
06g/2223/We Noble Gases in Diamond Hosted Fluid Inclusions: Sorting the Deep from the Dregs

Kagoshima, T. 05g/2168/We Groundwater Helium Anomaly Reflects Strain Change during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Southwest Japan

Kah, L. 03b/16:15/Fr Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes

Kah, M. 13o/10:45/Fr Transformation of Copper-Based Nano Materials in Soils

Kahl, W-A. 08f/08:45/Tu Upscaling of Dissolution Rate Contributors from the Atomic Scale to the Macroscopic Scale

Kahle, E. 21g/11:00/We Continuous, High-Resolution Measurements of 17O Excess of H2O from Ice Cores

Kahmen, A. 11n/10:45/Th Hydrogen Isotopes Link Plant Waxes to Rapid Atmospheric Transfer and Deposition

Kainemi, V. 11o/3059/Tu Microbial Bioenergetics along a Scots Pine Stand Age Gradient

Kaire, M. 23a/08:45/Mo Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences