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Ilboudo, H. 18d/3228/Th Relation between Kyanite – Staurolite – Garnet and Gold within the Banfora (Burkina Faso – Afrique de l’Ouest)

Ildefonse, B. 03h/10:30/Mo An Exsolution Origin for Archaean Mantle Garnet

Ilina, S. 13o/2239/Th Investigations into Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle and Pesticide Interactions in Aqueous Environments

Ilinskaya, A. 10l/3056/We Model Analysis of Deoxygenation Connected with Acetate Dumping in the Coastal Zone

Ilton, E. 22c/09:30/Th Uranium Uptake and Redistribution during Phase Transformation and Oriented Attachment of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Ilyina, O. 04a/16:15/Tu Characteristics of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Distribution in Mantle Xenoliths from Kimberlite Udachnaya Pipe (Yakutia)

Im, J.H. 07i/3098/Tu Mineralogical Characteristics of Obsidian in Gombawi Tuff, Ulleung Island, Korea, with Implications for Welding Conditions in Relation to Volcanic Activity

Imamura, S. 02f/3186/Tu Low-CO2 Water Environment for Ancient Aquifer within Gale Crater Inferred from Manganese Oxidation Experiments
02f/11:15/We High-O2 Atmosphere on Early Mars? Interpretation of Mn-Oxide on Gale Crater by Laboratory Experiments

Imamura, Y. 07l/3106/Tu Theoretical Study of Reduced Partitioning Function Ratios of Zn-Bearing Minerals and Metals

Imanaka, H. 14e/3105/We Abiotic N2O Production Enhanced by Fe Precipitates in Anoxic Seawater

Imber, J. 06a/16:30/Fr Dating Faults with U-Pb Calcite Petrochronology

Imfeld, G. 07a/2156/Mo A Novel Approach to Quantify Factors Controlling Silicate Weathering Rates from the Laboratory to the Field
08f/08:30/We Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates

Imlach, J. 06i/2243/We Interrogation of ‘apparent’ Age Dispersion in 40Ar/39Ar Neutron Fluence Moniotor Minerals

Immenhauser, A. 07a/11:00/Mo Magnesium Facilitates Sulfate Incorporation into Carbonate

Imoto, J. 19d/16:15/Mo Nuclear Fuel Fragments Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
19d/16:30/Mo Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
13h/2228/Mo Migration of Cs-Rich Microparticles Released from the FDNPP in the Surface Environments

in 't Zandt, M. 16c/09:00/Fr Methane Microbiology of Arctic Thermokarst Lake Sediments in Response to Warming

Inagaki, F. 15h/3198/Th The Deep Biosphere in Bengal Fan Sediments (IODP Exp. 354)
15h/3199/Th Secondary Methanogenesis in Dormant Submarine Mud Volcano off Tanegashima Island, Japan
15h/15:15/Fr Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit)
15h/15:45/Fr The Global Survey of Subseafloor Sedimentary Microbiomes
15h/16:00/Fr Taking the Pulse of the Subseafloor Biosphere, Strategies for Studying Microbial Activity and Slow Growth
15h/16:30/Fr Metabolic Diversity of Hyperalkaliphilic Microbial Communities Associated with Serpentinization at The Cedars

Inagaki, T.M. 11c/15:30/We Distinct Soil Organic Matter Properties Across a Fe and Rainfall Gradient

Inauen, J. 13j/16:00/Tu Developing and Deploying a Field kit for Lead in Soils in NYC and Peru

Ingall, E. 11k/16:15/Tu Composition of Dissolved Organic Phosphorus Produced by Marine Phytoplankton

Ingeniero, R. 10n/3067/We Patterns of N2 Fixation Across the Northern North Atlantic

Inglis, E. 05c/15:00/Mo Reconciling the Iron Isotope Composition of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts with their Mantle Source
05h/15:30/Tu Stable Iron Isotope Behaviour during Fluid Release from Subducted Slab Serpentinites

Inglis, G. 14d/11:00/Mo Quantifying Terrestrial Temperatures during the Early Paleogene: New Insights from Novel Organic Geochemical Proxies
17b/17:00/Tu The Eocene was Hot
15f/10:30/Th Development of Biomarker Proxies for Terrestrial Methane Cycling

Ingrao, N. 01h/2025/Th Melt-Sulfide Rare Earth Elements Distribution Under Reduced Conditions

Ingri, J. 09d/3211/Mo Tracers for Fe-Isotope Pathways in the Boreal Landscape
09d/3224/Mo The Fe-Isotope Signature in River Suspended Particles; An Indicator of Topography in the Boreal Landscape
11e/3023/Tu High Stability of Riverine Iron along Salinity Gradients – The Role of Iron Speciation
10h/3036/We Non-Conservative Behaviour of Li Isotopes in a Low Salinity Estuary