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Hattori, T. 04f/2270/Mon Basaltic Glass Structure by Time-Of-Flight Neutron Diffraction

Hatzenpichler, R. 15h/16:00/Fri Taking the Pulse of the Subseafloor Biosphere, Strategies for Studying Microbial Activity and Slow Growth

Hatzianestis, I. 13o/2235/Thu Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons between Dissolved /Colloidal and Particulate Phases in Aegean Sea Water

Hatzopoulos, N. 16e/3069/Thu Emission of C-Bearing Gases Associated with Wenchuan MS8.0 Earthquake in Western Sichuan

Hauet, T. 13f/2101/Tue Biogenic Mineral Precipitation during Antimony Bearing Ferrihydrite Bioreduction

Hauff, F. 05a/17:00/Wed Sub-Axial Asthenospheric Flow Revealed by a Plume-Spiked Mantle

Haug, G.H. 17h/09:00/Mon Subantarctic Pacific Iron Fertilization during the Last Ice Age
17h/10:00/Mon The Polar Oceans and Atmospheric CO2
17h/10:45/Mon Indian Ocean Circulation Changes over the Middle Pleistocene Transition
17h/3161/Mon Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
17g/14:45/Thu An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve
21l/3163/Thu Highly Resolved Determination of Mg/Ca in Single Foraminifera Shells Using fs-LA-ICP-MS

Haugbølle, T. 01d/09:45/Fri Nucleosynthetic Diversity of Chondrules – Tracking Disk Mass Transport and the Formation of Large-Scale Solar System Reservoirs

Hauri, E. 02b/10:30/Mon Volatile Content of 4-Vesta: Evidence from Unequilibrated Eucrites
05b/2164/Tue Parameterized Lattice Strain Models for HFSE Partitioning between Amphibole and Silicate Melt with Application to Arc Magma Evolution
05g/2173/Wed Re-evaluating the Sulfur Isotope Characteristics of the Iceland Hotspot
05g/2174/Wed Resolving Water Sources in Icelandic Basalts: Insights from Hydrogen Isotopes
07e/3003/Thu Water and Melt Decoupled from Deformation in the Josephine Peridotite, SW Oregon
21l/3142/Thu Preliminary Data on New Olivine Reference Material MongOL Sh11-2 for in situ Microanalysis

Häuselmann, A. 17d/08:30/Fri Direct Evidence for Changes in the Hydrological Cycle Inferred from Speleothem Fluid Inclusions for the Last 14’000 Years in Milandre Cave (Switzerland)

Hausladen, D. 15i/09:15/Mon Coupled Dynamics of Carbon and Manganese: Influence of Organic Compounds on Reactivity of Biogenic Mn Oxides

Häusler, W. 13m/2222/Thu Spatial Distribution of Al and Fe in Synthetic Al-Substituted Goethite

Hausrath, E. 09c/17:15/Thu Effects of Weathering a Volcanic Rock on Mars 3.7 Billion Years ago

Haviv, I. 06a/2112/Thu U-Pb Ages of Fault-Related Calcite from Mt. Hermon: Prominent Mid-Miocene Faulting along a Newly-Formed Plate Boundary

Hawco, N. 10i/11:15/Mon The Acceleration of Dissolved Cobalt’s Ecological Stoichiometry due to Biological Uptake, Remineralization, and Scavenging in the North Atlantic Ocean
10i/11:15/Tue The Role of Organic Metal-Binding Ligands in the Uptake and Cycling of Trace Metals

Hawkes, J. 10i/2203/Mon Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of Dissolved Iron in Hydrothermal Plumes in the Southern Ocean

Hawkesworth, C. 06e/15:30/Wed Within Plate and Subduction-Related Settings in the Archaean
06e/16:15/Wed Earth’s Lithosphere Through Time
08e/2027/Wed Braking the Scale of in situ Pb Isotope Microanalysis Down to 10 μm Spot Size: A Comparison of SIMS and LA-MC-ICP-MS
03b/10:00/Fri Continental Growth, Onset of Plate Tectonics and Emergence of the Continents

Hawkings, J. 15g/3210/Tue Subglacial Weathering Controls Silicon Isotope Composition of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwaters
10h/10:30/Thu New Adventures in Marine Silicon Isotope Studies

Hawkins, J. 13j/09:00/Wed Cation Exchange as a Control on Coal Mine Drainage Geochemistry in the Appalachian Region, Eastern USA

Hawkins, T. 13h/09:45/Mon A Combined Flow Microcalorimetry and Surface Complexation Modeling Study of Ion Exchange Thermodynamics at the Rutile-Water Interface

Haworth, B. 15f/2144/Wed Pyritization of Shelly Fossils, a Multi-Disciplinary Case Study from the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Hay-Rollins, C. 13j/15:00/Tue Solving the Human Health Crisis in Kabwe, Zambia--One of the most Contaminated Cities on Earth

Hayashi, Y. 13j/08:30/Wed Immobilization of Borate and Arsenate from Geothermal Waters by Co-precipitation with Hydroxyapatite

Hayes, K. 08k/10:45/Wed Nano-Scale FeSx-1 as a Key Agent for Pollutant Transformations and Redox Buffering in Suboxic Systems

Hayes, N.R. 09d/3212/Mon Controls on Deep Subsurface Weathering and Implications for the Global Weathering Thermostat