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Hanajima, E. 19h/3061/Mon Recovery of Oversaturated Silica from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines with Cationic Polymer Flocculants to Prevent Silica Scale Deposition

Hanan, B. 05a/16:45/Wed The GEISEIR Cruise: Sr, Nd and Trace Elements High Resolution of Mantle Signal beneath the Southeast Indian Ridge
05d/2068/Thu Geochemical Implications of OIB Type Basalt in Garnet-Spinel Stability Field in Southern Thrace Region, Turkey

Hanchar, J. 06h/08:30/Wed Birth, Assembly and Decay of a Continental Arc Magmatic System

Hancock, L. 10l/10:00/Fri The Monterey Formation: A Window into Miocene Oxygen Minimum Zone Expansion

Hand, K. 15b/3182/Thu Geological Settings of Hydrothermal Vents at 6°15’W and 55°30’E on the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
15b/08:45/Fri Geochemistry, Physics, and Dispersion of a Gakkel Ridge Hydrothermal Plume, 87°N, 55°30’E

Hand, M. 06h/09:15/Tue Voluminous Low-Temperature Melting of Metasedimentary Crust
06b/10:00/Thu The Behaviour of Monazite at High Temperature and High Stress in the Lower Crust
06f/11:00/Fri Th–U Distribution in the Crust: Outcrop and Grain Scale Approaches

Handique, S. 11c/3010/Tue Distribution of Grain Size and Clay Mineralogy of Fluvial Surface Sediments from Brahmaputra and its Tributaries, India

Handley, H. 13j/2131/Tue Geochemical Sources, Forms and Phases of Soil Contamination in an Industrial City

Hanfland, M. 04c/17:00/Thu Crystal Chemistry of Compounds in Fe-O System at Conditions of Earth’s Lower Mantle

Hanlon, C. 21g/09:45/Wed The δ81Br and δ37Cl Isotopic Signatures and Systematics of Waters, Evaporites and Gases in the Saline Lakes of Western Nebraska, U.S.A

Hanna, K. 13h/2231/Mon Adsorption of Antibiotics onto Mixtures of Goethite and Manganese Oxide

Hannah, J.L. 14d/16:15/Mon Variation in 187Os/188Os Across K-Pg Boundary at Stevns Klint, Denmark
18f/2316/Tue Dynamic Models: Time as a Critical Element in Resource Exploration
19g/10:00/Thu Re-Os Systematics during Water-Oil Interaction
19g/10:15/Thu Residency of Rhenium and Osmium in a Heavy Crude Oil
19g/10:45/Thu Bitumen – The Zircon of Petroleum Systems
19g/11:15/Thu Re-Os Ages for a Multi-Oil Petroleum System, Norwegian North Sea

Hannington, M.D. 18g/2330/Tue Geologic Mapping Reveals Structural Limitations on Hydrothermal Vent Locations

Hansel, C.M. 15i/08:30/Mon Manganese Oxide Associations and Interactions with Organic Carbon
15k/3223/Tue Dynamics and Regulation of Extracellular Superoxide Production by Marine Microbes
15k/3232/Tue Species-Specific Control of External Superoxide Levels by the Coral Holobiont during a Natural Bleaching Event
15k/3234/Tue Unraveling the Eco-Physiological Roles of Phytoplankton-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species
15k/17:15/Wed Looking at Reaction Signatures of Chemodenitrification Through a Multi-Isotopic Lens
15f/2143/Wed Developing an Interpretive Framework for the Oxygen Isotope Record in Ferromanganese Crusts
13m/09:15/Fri Understanding the Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Mn Oxides Toward Contaminant Sequestration
10a/10:00/Fri Crystallographic Investigation of Coral Skeletons Under Shifting Ocean Conditions

Hansell, D.A. 10n/10:30/Wed Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter and Inorganic Nutrients in Upwelling Simulations

Hanselmann, K. 14e/11:00/Wed Identity and Abundance of Iron- and Sulfur-Metabolizers in a Paleoproterozoic Ocean Analogue

Hansen, D. 21g/3174/Tue Spatial Variability of Δ17O in Meteoric Water in the Pacific Northwest

Hansen, H.C.B. 13c/09:45/Tue Green Rust Synthesis and Reactivity Towards Dehalogenation in Presence of Glycine
13c/10:30/Tue Solid State Transformation of Green Rust in Response to Oxidation

Hansen, L. 07e/3004/Thu Mechanical Anisotropy of Olivine Polycrystals: A Comparision between Laboratory Data and Viscoplastic Self-Consistent Models

Hansen Serre, S. 05d/2095/Thu Origin of the Kakanui Mineral Breccia Nephelinite and its Megacryst and Xenolith Suites

Hanson, T. 15k/3222/Tue What Makes Biogenic Sulfur Special? Insights into Surface Chemistry and Mineralogy of Sulfur Globules
15k/09:30/Wed Multi-Talented Microbes Drive Fe, S, N, and C Cycling in an Intertidal Coastal Aquifer: A Metagenomic Study

Hansteen, T.H. 05d/16:15/Thu Primitive Melts and Mantle Sources of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Based on Melt Inclusion Geochemistry

Hantsche, A. 18a/3020/Mon New U-Pb Age Constraints on Tertiary Magmatism and Pb-Zn Skarn Formation in the Madan District, Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria

Hanyu, T. 05c/08:30/Mon Thallium Isotope Systematics in Volcanics from St. Helena Island. Constraints on the Origin of the HIMU Reservoir
07k/3017/Thu The Oxidation State of Fe in Glasses from the Austral Islands: Limits on Effects of the HIMU Mantle End-Member on Oxygen Fugacity

Hao, A. 19g/09:45/Thu Identification Index of Different Types of Oil Cracking Gas and its Application