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Hammarlund, D. 10j/2342/Thu Varved Sediments as Records of Past Changes in Fe Dynamics?

Hammarlund, E. 15j/14:30/Mon Carbon, Manganese, Iron, and Sulfur Cycling in Oligohaline Sediments

Hammel, K. 11e/09:45/Wed Iron-Lignin Interactions in Soil: Does Biochemical Recalcitrance Depend on Geochemical Context?

Hammond, D. 10m/17:15/Tue 227Ac along GEOTRACES Transects in the Deep South Pacific and Preliminary Results for the Arctic

Hammond, J. 05d/2099/Thu Geochemical Characteristics of the most Recent Volcanism in Tibet

Hammond, K. 05h/2241/Tue The Fluorine and Chlorine Budget of the Earth’s Peridotite Mantle

Hammond, Sam 05d/16:45/Thu Isotope Composition of High Ti Picrites from the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province: Implications for the Source and Evolution of Mantle Plumes

Hammond, Samantha 21l/15:15/Fri Development of the Tellurium Stable Isotope Proxy

Hammouda, T. 02g/3196/Tue Behaviour of Rare Earth Elements during the Earth’s Core Formation
01h/2025/Thu Melt-Sulfide Rare Earth Elements Distribution Under Reduced Conditions

Hamzaoui, F. 13k/3170/Wed Occurrence and Geochemistry of Major Ion in Groundwater of Skhira Coastal Aquifer, Center East Tunisia

Hamzaoui- Azaza, F. 13k/3164/Wed Geochemical Processes Controlling the Groundwater Quality in Oued Rmel Aquifer of Zaghouan, Northeastern Tunisia

Han, C.h. 17h/3168/Mon Dust Flux Variations in Last 800, 000 Years: Changes of Platinum Group Elements and Pb Isotopic Compositions at Dome C EPICA Ice Cores, Antarctica

Han, Changhee 13m/2228/Thu Seasonal Variations in Atmospheric Platinum Group Elements at Ieodo Ocean Research Station in the East China Sea
16d/3041/Thu Strontium Isotopic Imprint of Saharan Dust during the Last Glacial Maximum in the NEEM Ice Core, Greenland

Han, Chao 08e/2030/Wed The Application of Fluorescent Optode to Oxygen Dynamics in the Rhizosphere of Vallisneria Spirals

Han, D. 19e/2343/Tue Numerical Modeling of the Effects of Equilibrium Phase Partition between the Supercritical CO2 and Brine on CO2 Local Capillary Trapping

Han, G. 09d/3220/Mon Chemical and Strontium Isotopic Compositions of Dissolved Loads in the Upper Reaches of the Pearl River, South China
13e/3123/Wed A New Procedure for High Precision Measurement of Selenium Isotopes Using Hydride Generation MC-ICP-MS with Double Spike

Han, H. 16d/3058/Thu Seasonal Variations in Fluorescence Properties of Water-Soluble Organic Carbon Aerosols

Han, L. 20c/2337/Mon Ancient Archaeal Community Successions in Lateglacial Lake Sediments

Han, S. 05d/2073/Thu Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis and Evolution of Magmas from Mt. Melbourne Volcanic Filed, Antarctica

Han, Wenxue 19e/15:15/Wed Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Chang 7 Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin, China

Han, Weon Shik 19f/2360/Tue Effects of CO2(g)-soil-Water Interactions on the Leaching Behaviors of Major Metals at the Atmospheric PCO2(g) of 1 Bar

Han, X. 13h/2230/Mon Status, Source and Ecological Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soils from Tibet Plateau, China
13j/2127/Tue Environmental Assessment Using Multiple Stable Isotopes and Heavy Metals in a Chinese Coal Mining Area
15k/3220/Tue Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Sulfate in Beijing PM2.5

Han, Yeongcheol 21g/3170/Tue Optimized Determination of 17O-Excess in Antarctic Snow Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
17g/2324/Wed Nd Isotopes of the Bering Sea Deep Water Recording Boundary Exchange over the Last 2.4 Myr
16d/3041/Thu Strontium Isotopic Imprint of Saharan Dust during the Last Glacial Maximum in the NEEM Ice Core, Greenland

Han, Yitong 11m/17:15/Fri Effect of Natural Organic Matter on Toxicity and Reactivity of Sulfidated Nano Zerovalent Iron

Han, Z. 13o/10:00/Fri Removal of Cr6+ from Groundwater by Nano-Scale Zero Valent Iron Particles Produced with Green Tea Extract