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Hagemann, N. 14e/11:00/We Identity and Abundance of Iron- and Sulfur-Metabolizers in a Paleoproterozoic Ocean Analogue

Hagen-Peter, G. 06h/14:45/Tu On the Relationship of the Nebo Granite to the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex
05d/2070/Th Strontium Isotopes in Plagioclase Constrain Mantle Sources and Crustal Differentiation Processes of the Skaergaard Intrusion and Kialineq Complex of Eastern Greenland

Hagens, M. 11k/17:15/Tu Post-Depositional Vivianite Formation Alters Sediment Phosphorus Records
10l/3049/We Molybdenum Dynamics in Sediments of a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin

Haghipour, N. 11a/08:30/Mo Regional to Global-Scale Perspectives on Organic Carbon Burial in Continental Margin Sediments
11e/3022/Tu Iron Loss Promotes SOC Turnover on a Hawaiian Soil Gradient
15f/2139/We Terrestrial Organic Carbon and Plant Wax Biomarker Export from Scottish River Systems
17g/14:45/Th An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve

Haghnazar-Liseroudi, M. 17k/08:45/We Does High Molybdenum Enrichment in Sedimentary Records Always Require Past Anoxic Conditions?

Haghnegahdar, M.A. 16c/09:45/Fr A Model for 12CH2D<sub>2</sub> And 13CH3D as Complementary Tracers for the Budget of Atmospheric CH4

Haghparast, M. 13k/3168/We Assess Concentrations of Heavy Metals in Sediments and its Effects on Human Health( Fariman Ophiolite Region -NE Iran)
13k/3178/We Assessment of Pollution Rate and Concentration of Heavy Metals Contamination of Water Resources in Fariman Ophiolite Region, NE Iran

Hagino, K. 15h/3199/Th Secondary Methanogenesis in Dormant Submarine Mud Volcano off Tanegashima Island, Japan

Hahm, D. 10m/2023/Tu Rapid Gas Exchange in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica: Insights from Radiocarbon Analysis
15g/3212/Tu Characteristics of the Horizontal and Vertical Distributions of Dimethyl Sulfide throughout the Amundsen Sea Polynya

Hahn, A. 20c/08:45/Mo The Metabolic Potential of Freshwater Bathyarchaeota

Hahn, K. 08d/15:15/Mo Fluid Histories in Sedimentary Settings Revealed Using Multiple in situ Micro-Analytical Techniques

Haig, H. 11n/15:45/We Environmental Controls on the Distribution of Long-Chain Alkenones in the Canadian Prairies: Insights for the Development of the Lacustrine Alkenone-Based Temperature Proxy
11n/2103/We Development of Lacustrine Biomarkers to Reconstruct Lake Temperature and Salinity Changes in the Saskatchewan Great Plains

Hain, M. 17h/10:00/Mo The Polar Oceans and Atmospheric CO2

Hairapetian, V. 14d/3142/Mo Early Triassic Microbialites at Baghuk Mountain (Central Iran)

Hajdas, I. 17h/16:30/Mo New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages

Hajj, F. 09j/09:15/Fr Mass-Dependent Fractionation of Strontium Isotopes by Tree Uptake

Hajjaji, W. 13j/09:45/We Effect of Composition and Temperature in Mines Waste Based Cements

Hajjoul, H. 13g/3162/We Technology-Critical Elements (Sb, Ta, Te, In, Ga) and Organic Matter Interactions by Fluorescence Quenching

Halama, M. 14e/11:00/We Identity and Abundance of Iron- and Sulfur-Metabolizers in a Paleoproterozoic Ocean Analogue

Halama, R. 05c/2297/Mo Barium Isotopic Composition of the Mantle Constrained by Carbonatites
09k/09:00/Tu Nitrogen Transfer in Crustal Rocks

Halder, D. 13m/10:00/Fr Thioarsenates – so Far Unrecognized Arsenic Species in Paddy Soils

Halder, J. 09j/10:45/Fr How Natural is the Dissolved Inorganic Composition of Mississippi River Water?

Halevy, I. 13c/09:00/Tu The Role of Green Rust in the Genesis of Iron Formations and Implications for Trace Metal and Nutrient Cycles
15k/09:45/We Organic Matter and Fe Competition on Reduced S during Deposition of Senonian Organic-Rich Chalk in Israel
14e/11:00/We Identity and Abundance of Iron- and Sulfur-Metabolizers in a Paleoproterozoic Ocean Analogue
17g/16:00/Th The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
17g/16:30/Th Relating the δ34S of Carbonate Associated Sulfate to Solution Composition and Precipitation Rate
17g/16:45/Th Carbonate Associated Sulfate's Journey along the "Elderfield Curve"
15f/17:00/Th Understanding Isotope Fractionation in Microbial Methanogenesis
17d/2048/Th Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation

Halfar, J. 17k/2333/We Comparison of Three Analytical Techniques to Measure Mg/Ca Values in High-Latitude Encrusting Coralline Algae

Halicz, L. 10h/09:45/Th Mg Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Marine Mg-Evaporites