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Hayes, P.E. 13l/2190/Thu Distribution and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements along the Jurien Bay Dune Chronosequence

Hayne, P. 02b/09:00/Mon The Fuzzy Snow Line: Ice Stability on Airless Bodies Enhanced by Regolith and Roughness

Haynes, D. 10f/2327/Thu Calibration of Marine Ca and Sr Isotope Proxies Against ‘salinity’ in Fresh-To-Hypersaline Coastal Lagoon-Estuarine Settings of South Australia

Haynes, H. 13n/2139/Tue Response of Bentonite Microbial Communities to Stresses Relevant to Radioactive Waste Disposal

Haynes, J. 06f/16:15/Fri Tectonic Events of the Taconic Orogeny Elucidated Through LA-ICPMS Studies of Volcanic Zircons, Southern Appalachians, USA

Haynes, K. 10j/17:15/Fri Biogeochemical Responses to the Installation of Artificial Reefs on the Shallow Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Shelf: Primary Production, Respiration and Nutrient Fluxes

Haynes, L.L. 17g/09:30/Thu How Confident can We be in Foraminifer Shell Mg/Ca Thermometry?

Haynes, R. 13a/2182/Thu Effect of Amendments on Modifying Physical, Chemical and Microbial Properties of Seawater Neutralized Bauxite Processing Residue for Revegetation

Hazemann, J-L. 04f/2264/Mon X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Critical Properties
13e/3122/Wed HERFD-Xas: A New Powerful Structural Tool in Environmental & Geochemistry Sciences
18i/11:00/Thu REE+Y Solubility and Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids: An Updated View from in situ XAS Measurements

Hazen, R.M. 14a/15:45/Tue Carbon Mineral Network Analysis: A Big Data Geobiology Study
14a/2254/Tue Network Analysis Applications: Exploring Geosphere and Biosphere Co-evolution with Big Data Techniques
14a/2261/Tue Ecology and Evolution of Manganese Minerals: Implications for the Redox History of Earth and Life
03b/14:30/Fri Precambrian Paleomineralogy: The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable

He, B. 17l/14:30/Wed Permian Large Igneous Provinces and their Paleo-Environmental Impacts

He, Hongping 08d/17:15/Mon Magnetite Exsolution in Ilmenite Derived from Sub-Solidus Re-equilibration of Fe-Ti Oxides
08f/2077/Mon Transformation Mechanism of Brucite to Saponite in Hydrothermal Conditions
22c/10:00/Thu Co-sorption Mechanisms of Heavy-Metal Cations and Oxyanions on Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides
22c/11:00/Thu The Improvement of Zinc Substitution on the Reactivity of Magnetite Coupled with Aqueous Fe(II) Towards Nitrobenzene Reduction
22c/2287/Thu Conversion of Serpentine to Smectite Under Hydrothermal Condition: Implication for a Solid-State Transformation
22c/2291/Thu Adsorption of Multi-Contaminant on Modified Montmorillonite
22c/2298/Thu Valence Band Structure of Defective Pyrite (100) Surface: Experimental and ab Initio Study

He, Huaiyu 05g/11:15/Thu Noble Gas Signatures Preserved in Podiform Chromitites from Luobusa and Kangjinla, Tibet

He, K. 19g/3106/Thu Molecular and Isotopic Characteristics of Source Rocks in the Early Cambrian of Tarim Basin

He, Limei 04d/2257/Mon High Pressure Melting Behavior of EH3 Chondrite

He, Liu 13j/2128/Tue Hydrochemical Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Groundwater in South China Uranium Mining Area

He, M. 07i/10:15/Tue Coesite, Some of its IR Features (SiO4 and OH), and Dehydration

He, Q. 07i/10:15/Tue Coesite, Some of its IR Features (SiO4 and OH), and Dehydration
06f/15:45/Fri Garnet Geochemistry Records Multistage Processes of Hydration and Dehydration at a Continental Rift during Rodinia Breakup
03b/16:00/Fri Mineral Record of Abiotic Nitrogen Reduction

He, Tao 21l/3156/Thu A Rapid Acid Digestion Technique for Simultaneous Determination of Bromine and Iodine in Soils and Sediments by ICP-MS

He, Tianchen 14b/10:15/Tue Extreme Redox Oscillations due to Coupling of the Marine Sulphur and Carbon Cycles during the Cambrian Explosion

He, Tong 09c/3202/Wed A Seven-Million-Year Hornblende Mineral Record from the Central Chinese Loess Plateau

He, Xiang 08e/2030/Wed The Application of Fluorescent Optode to Oxygen Dynamics in the Rhizosphere of Vallisneria Spirals

He, Xiao-Fang 06e/10:00/Wed Harmonic Hierarchy of Mantle Convective Cycles: Time Series Analysis of Hafnium Isotopes of Zircon

He, Xiaoqing 14b/3138/Mon Redox Evolution of the Ediacaran Ocean and Atmosphere Constrained by Chromium Isotopes

He, Yongsheng 05c/2277/Mon Behavior of Calcium Isotopes during Slab Subduction
05c/2285/Mon Multiple Influences on the Calcium Isotopic Compositions of Basalts:evidence from the Cenozoic Basalts of Eastern China
05c/2290/Mon Mineral Composition Control on Inter-Mineral Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Granitoids
05c/2293/Mon Iron Isotopic Composition of the Lower Continental Crust
05c/2295/Mon Iron Isotopic Compositions of A-Type Granites