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Ha, K. 11j/2080/Wed Evaluation of the Effect of Soil Organic Matter on Groundwater Using Fluorescence of Water and Solvent Extractable Organic Matter

Ha, S. 17a/2283/Tue Paleoceanographic Role of the Tsushima Warm Current in the Hupo Basin of the Southwestern East Sea (Sea of Japan)

Ha, Sun-Yong 11d/2314/Mon Determination of Nitrogen Isotopic Baseline in Western North Pacific Ocean Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis of Amino Acid

Ha, Sung-Ho 13j/2129/Tue A Study on the Correlations Among Rainfall, Groundwater Level and Mine Drainage Discharge
13j/2135/Tue Water-Quality Characteristics of Abandoned Coal Mine Drainage and Mine Voids

Ha, V.T.T. 11k/3046/Tue Multi-Effects of Temperature and Organic Acids on The Formation of Struvite Crystals and their Physicochemical Properties

Haack, H. 14a/15:00/Tue Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites

Haak, B. 12b/2324/Mon Using a Multi-Isotope Approach to Determine Natal Region for Juvenile Accipiters

Haas, M. 11n/09:30/Thu Of Pile Dwellers, Roman and Medieval Farmers – Deciphering the Impact of Early Human Land-Use on Lake Murten (Switzerland) and its Catchment

Haas Nüesch, R. 19h/3056/Mon Scaling Formations in a Geothermal Plant in the Upper Rhine Valley: From Fluid to Solid Composition

Haase, K.M. 04g/08:45/Tue 4.5 Billion Years of Mantle Evolution: Insights from He, Ne, Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in OIBs and MORBs
05b/2163/Tue The Origin of Evolved Volcanic Rocks in Methana, Greece
05e/2197/Tue The Geochemical Stratigraphy of Lavas from the Troodos Ophiolite
05b/15:45/Wed The Genesis of High Nb-Ta Signatures at the Northern Tongan Islands of Tafahi and Niuatoputapu
05a/17:00/Wed Sub-Axial Asthenospheric Flow Revealed by a Plume-Spiked Mantle
05a/2160/Wed The Effect of Spreading Rate on the Compositions of MORB
05d/2080/Thu Intraplate Magmatism and Extensional Tectonics: An Example from Faial Island, Azores

Haba, H. 13h/16:30/Mon 129I/137Cs Ratios for Atmospheric Particular Matters Collected Just after TEPCO FDNPP Accident
13h/16:45/Mon A New Approach for Reconstructing the 131I-Spreading Triggered by the FDNPS Accident in 2011

Haba, M. 01i/2036/Thu Genetic Relationships of Solar System Materials Based on Ti Isotope Compositions

Habarulema, J.B. 23a/08:45/Mon Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences

Habib, A. 16d/3046/Thu Horizontal Mass Flux of Aerosols in Taklamakan Desert Area Using Balloon Borne Measurements

Habler, G. 08e/15:15/Thu The Behavior of Mineral Inclusions at a Reaction Interface

Hacker, B.R. 21f/3094/Mon Micro-Raman Dating of Zircon: A Possible Thermochronometer?
06a/2111/Thu Dating Fault Activity Around the Globe by in situ Chronology of Fault-Related Precipitates
06a/16:45/Fri Directly Dating Deformation by U-Pb Carbonate LA-ICPMS

Hackspacher, P.C. 13j/2122/Tue Impacts of the Fundão Dam Failure in the Doce River Watershed

Hada, M. 07l/3106/Tue Theoretical Study of Reduced Partitioning Function Ratios of Zn-Bearing Minerals and Metals

Haderlein, S.B. 13h/15:45/Mon Sorption of Pesticides to Natural and Synthetic Nanoparticles
11c/3004/Tue Fractionation of Humic Acids Upon Sorption to Redox Inert Sorbents and its Effect on Redox State

Hadi, J. 08b/09:00/Fri A Novel 4D-View on Lake Sediments

Hadj Ammar, F. 21g/10:00/Wed Groundwater Ages of Saharan and Sahelian Aquifers: The 36Cl Perspective

Haeckel, M. 18g/09:00/Thu Mining-Induced Loss of Seafloor Integrity Compromises Ecosystem Functioning
18g/09:30/Thu Effects of Experimental Polymetallic Nodule Mining on Deep-Sea Microbial Communities and Functions (DISCOL Experimental Area, Tropical SE Pacific)
15h/3190/Thu Simulation of the Inactive Methane Seepage and Multilayers of Carbonate in Haiyang 4 Area in the Northern South Chinas Sea

Haese, R. 08f/11:00/Tue Kaolinite Fines Dissolution Using Benign Organic Acids
19f/15:00/Tue Silica Gel Formation as a Barrier to CO2 Leakage
22b/2352/Wed Determining the Intrinsic Reactive Surface Area of Minerals and the Implications for Near-Wellbore Geochemical Reservoir Stimulations

Haffen, S. 19h/3057/Mon Lithium and Boron Isotopes for a New Coupled Geothermometer

Haffert, L. 18g/09:00/Thu Mining-Induced Loss of Seafloor Integrity Compromises Ecosystem Functioning