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Gebruk, A. 18g/08:45/Th Assessing Deep-Sea Nodule Mining Impacts on the Benthic Ecosystem: From Large to Small Scale

Geckeis, H. 13f/15:45/Tu Technetium Interaction with Fe(II)-minerals Analysed by Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics

Gee, R. 23a/11:00/Mo The Oplontis Project: Integration of Geoscience, Humanities and the Arts in a Museum Exhibit and Related Courses for Undergraduate Students

Geelhoed, J. 15k/17:15/Tu Microbial Community Composition and Sulfur-Cycling in a Sediment with Electrogenic Sulfur Oxidation

Geerken, E. 17k/10:15/We Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Element Incorporation in Foraminiferal Calcite: Consequences for a Na-Based Salinity Proxy

Gehre, M. 21g/09:15/We Compound-Specific Chlorine Isotope Analysis of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Using Gas Chromatography Hyphenated with Multiple- Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Geibert, W. 10i/2196/Mo 231Pa and 230Th in the Arctic Ocean 1991-2016: Changes in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins
10m/08:45/We Constraining Sedimentation Rates with 231Pa/230Th Ratios of Marine Sediments
18g/15:15/We Natural Variability of Geochemical Conditions, Biogeochemical Processes and Element Fluxes in Sediments of the Eastern CCZ, Pacific Ocean

Geiger, C.A. 07l/08:45/We Recent Developments in Low-Temperature Calorimetry and Cp and S° Behavior of Minerals
07l/10:30/We Hydrogen Incorporation Mechanism in Synthetic Katoite-Grossular and Natural Grossular: 1H Static and MAS NMR and First-Principles Calculation

Geiger, F.M. 13h/10:15/Mo Second-harmonic Generation Studies of the Noncentrosymmetric α- Quartz/Water Interface
13h/10:30/Mo Silica/water EDL Structure from SHG Salt Screening Experiments

Geiger, H. 05c/2283/Mo Behaviour of Boron Isotopes during Magmatic Degassing

Geilert, S. 10h/10:45/Th Si Isotopes in Sedimentary Pore Fluids Trace Early Diagenetic Reactions in the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

Geipel, G. 13l/16:45/Fr Canola Cell (Brassica Napus) Responses to europium(III) Exposure: A Spectroscopic Study

Geitner, N.K. 08k/2046/We Long Term Behavior of Metal Nanoparticles after Low Dose Chronic Addition in Simulated Freshwater Wetlands

Gelabert, A. 15i/10:45/Mo Occurrences and Stability of Pb Precipitates in Bacterial Biofilms
08k/2054/We Silver Nanoparticles Interactions with Solution/Biofilm/Mineral Interfaces
13o/10:30/Fr Mobility of Quantum Dots in Soil at Environmentally Relevant Conditions
13o/15:30/Fr Quantum Dots Fate at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface

Gelfond, C. 11a/15:45/Mo Formation and Reactivity of Dissolved Species from the Photolysis of Particulate Organic Matter

Gelin, F. 15l/2145/Mo Early Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in an Anoxic, Sulfidic Lake (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte)
19g/08:30/Th Thermodynamic Studies of Water-Rock-Hydrocarbon-Gas Interactions in Petroleum Systems

Gélinas, Y. 11a/16:15/Mo Photochemical Mineralization of Biologically Non-Labile Terrigenous DOC to Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Coastal Waters

Geloni, C. 22b/10:45/Fr Carbonate/Clays Reactions as Source of CO2 Natural Accumulations: Quantification and Propagation of Uncertainties in Modelling of CO2 Generation in Sedimentary Basins

Genç, Ş.C. 06f/16:00/Fr Petrogenesis of Middle Eocene Post-Collisional Magmatism Around Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone (Pontides, NE Turkey)

Genda, H. 02b/16:45/Mo Origin of Earth’s Oceans: An Assessment of the Total Amount, History and Supply of Water
02e/17:15/Tu On the Origin of Phobos and Deimos in an Impact-Generated Disk
14e/3115/We Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Archean Sea Water and Isotopic Evolution

Genereux, D.P. 07a/2158/Mo Characterizing Flow and Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater Using a Multi-Isotope Approach in Basaltic Aquifers Affected by Magmatic CO2 (Jeju Island, Republic of Korea)

Generosi, J. 07a/2165/Mo How Biopolymers Control Calcite Precipitation

Geng, A. 19g/3118/Th Trapping Pressure Estimation of Single Gaseous Inclusion Using PVT Simulation and Applications in Fluid Behaviour Resolving

Geng, D. 10b/16:45/Fr Genetic Population Structure of Two Deep-Sea Amphipod Species Across Three Hadal Trenches in the Pacific Ocean

Geng, L. 15k/3236/Tu Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopic Signatures of Sulfate Aerosols Produced in a Large Atmospehric Simulation Chamber