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Gaulier, C. 13o/2232/Th The Geochemical Behaviour of Trace Metals in the Water Column of the Belgian Coastal Zone

Gautam, I. 03h/2037/Mo Dependence of µ142Nd Anomalies on the Choice of Terrestrial Standard

Gautam, S. 08i/2043/We Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Propane-Water Mixtures Confined in Cylindrical Silica Pores
08i/09:45/Th Nanoscale Geofluid-Shale Interactions

Gautheron, C. 08d/2066/Mo Chronology of Weathering Periods by Supergene Goethite (U-Th)/He Dating in the Oriental High Atlas, Morocco
21f/3102/Mo Possible Influence of Alpha Recoil Track Percolation on Helium Diffusivity in Apatite
21f/10:15/Tu Helium Trapping in Apatite Damage: Insights from Overly Dispersed (U-Th-Sm)/He Dates
21f/11:00/Tu Strategies for Joint Inversion of Apatite Fission Track and (U-Th) Data: Application of Fragment and Radiation Damage Models
21f/11:15/Tu He and Ne Diffusion Modeling in Minerals: Insight from Atomic to Mineralogical Scale
13m/16:00/Th Dating Fe-Duricrusts of Central Amazonia (Brazil) by (U-Th)/He and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods

Gauthier, M. 04d/2258/Mo Velocity-Density Systematics of Fe-Si Alloys at Extreme Conditions
07i/15:00/Tu Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy for Mars Exploration: Insights from a Laboratory Analogue of the Mars2020 SuperCam Instrument
07i/15:15/Tu Advanced InfraRed and Raman Spectroscopy on Ca-Phosphates and Mg-Carbonates for Surface Exploration of Mars

Gautier, P. 06j/2138/Th Carbonation and Silicification of the Peridotite Nappe of New Caledonia: A Stable Isotope Survey

Gautier, S. 05h/11:00/Tu CO2-rich Nephelinite Differentiation and Carbonate-Silicate Immiscibility (North Tanzanian Divergence)

Gautret, P. 14e/3110/We Geochemical Tracing of the Early Archaean Hydrothermal Chemotrophic Biosphere
13a/16:00/Th Biogeochemical Processes of Trace Metallic Elements in the Rhizosphere of Phytostabilizing Plants
13m/2202/Th Development and Interpretation of Activity Test for Microbial Transformation of Inorganic Arsenic
13m/11:15/Fr Biogeochemical Behavior of As in a Soil Contaminated by the Destruction of Arsenical Shells from the Great War: A Mesocosm Study

Gavrieli, I. 10i/2214/Mo Gypsum Precipitation Under Hyper-Saline Conditions: Size, Morphology and Brine Turbidity
11d/09:45/Tu The Nitrogen Cycle in Lake Kinneret – Evidences from Nitrogen Isotopes
10h/09:45/Th Mg Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Marine Mg-Evaporites
17d/14:45/Fr Tracing the Recharge History of Groundwater –The En-Qedem Thermal Brine Springs, Dead Sea Shore

Gawęda, A. 07j/3093/We A New Natural Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology: Monazite from the Skalna Brama Pegmatite, the Sudetes, Poland
07e/3016/Th Metasomatic Alteration of Paralava at the Contact with Pyrometallurgical Slag from Trzebinia, S-Poland

Gaye, B. 18g/08:30/Th Long-Term Impacts of a Manganese Nodule Mining Experiment on Sediment and Pore Water Geochemistry

Gayer, E. 11j/2072/We New Insights for Concentration-Discharge Relationships: High Frequency of Stream Water Chemistry
11j/08:30/Th River Geochemistry: Opportunities and Challenges

Gazel, E. 05d/2079/Th Galapagos Plume Terranes – Longevity of Plume Components

Gázquez, F. 21g/3173/Tu Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Gypsum Hydration Water from the Evaporites of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
21g/15:00/We Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Hydration Water of Lacustrine Gypsum for Quantitative Paleo-Humidity Estimates
21g/15:15/We Hydrological History of the Altiplano over the Last Glacial Cycle from Gypsum Hydration Water and Halite Fluid Inclusions
10h/10:00/Th Coupled Measurement of Ca and Sr Isotopes in Evaporites from the Sorbas Basin, SE Spain

Gdaniec, S. 10i/10:30/Mo 231Pa and 230Th in the Barents Sea and the Nansen Basin: Implications for Shelf-Basin Interactions and Changes in Particle Flux
10i/2196/Mo 231Pa and 230Th in the Arctic Ocean 1991-2016: Changes in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins
10m/10:00/We Influence of Deep Water Formation and Boundary Scavenging on 231Pa and 230Th Distribution in the Mediterranean Sea

Ge, C. 10n/3071/We The Record of Organic Matter Sources Change and its Significance of the Sedimentation Rate in the Tidal Flat of Jiangsu Province, China

Ge, H. 10b/17:00/Fr Assessment of Terrestrial Organic Matter Inputs in the New Britain Trench: A Biomarker Based Study

Ge, J. 17a/10:30/Tu Late Quaternary Chronology of the Lower Bengal Fan (IODP Expedition 354) – Paleoclimate Implications

Ge, L. 15f/2133/We Lipid Biomarkers and their Specific Carbon Isotopic Compositions of South China Sea Seep Carbonates

Ge, T. 16d/3032/Th Evidence of Metal-Carbon Residues Tracing Lightning Phenomena in Intact Surfaces of the Younger Dryas Event

Ge, W-C. 05e/2185/Tu Convergence of the Jiamusi Massif and Songnen-Zhangguangcai Range Massif in NE China by Divergent Double Subduction
05a/2151/We Geochemistry of MORB and OIB in the Yuejinshan Complex, NE China: Implications for Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting

Ge, X. 19g/11:00/Th Re-Os Oil/Gas Geochronology of the Tarim Basin and Yangtze Block Systems, China

Gebauer, D. 08b/2009/We Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Driven by Engineered Protein
08b/2021/We Nucleation of Portlandite

Gébelin, A. 06j/15:30/Th Deep Penetration of Meteoric Water in Variscan Ductile Shear Zones
06j/2139/Th Mid-Miocene Infiltration of Meteoric Water in the South Tibetan Detachment (Mt Everest, Himalaya)

Gebregiorgis, D. 17a/10:15/Tu Complex Astronomical Forcing of South Asian Monsoon Precipitation over the Past ~1 Million Years