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Garnier, Josette 11g/14:30/Tue Nutrient Cascade Through the Agro-Food System and the Terrestrial-Water Continuum: Exploring Scenarii for Combatting Coastal Eutrophication

Garralón, A. 09j/2258/Thu Isotopic Characterization of Záncara River: Rainfall and Seasonal Influence

Garrevoet, J. 21j/17:00/Wed Sub-Micron Resolution Diffraction and Fluorescence Tomography Reveals Bone Microstructure

Garrido, C.J. 06l/3185/Mon High δ11B Secondary Olivine Suggests Greater Contribution from Serpentinites to Subduction Zone Dehydration Fluids
05e/08:30/Wed Recycling and Growth of Zircons in Chromitites from the Subcontinental Listhospheric Mantle
13k/16:00/Wed Fingerprinting the Impact of Chronic Metal Exposure on Humans Through Gallstones
04g/2268/Wed Genesis of Ultra-High Pressure Garnet Pyroxenites in Orogenic Peridotites and its Bearing on the Compositional Heterogeneity of the Mantle
13e/3143/Wed Mobility of Trace Elements in Phosphogypsum Leachates during Seawater Mixing

Garrido, Fernando 13l/2186/Thu Fractionation and Mobility of Thallium in Areas Impacted by Mining-Metallurgical Activities

Garrido, Francis 13h/2222/Mon Pore Scale Processes Governing Biofilms Location in a Dual Porous Media: Effects on Cr, Cu, Pb, and As Mobility

Gartman, A. 15j/10:45/Mon Revisiting Biogenic Iron Sulfide Minerals
21a/09:15/Thu Chemistry of Nanoparticulate and (Sub)micron Sized Particles Emanating from Hydrothermal Vents

Garwood, R. 14e/3103/Wed Synchrotron-Based XRF Mapping of Neoarchean Stromatolites: Trace Element Distribution in Microbialites

Garzanti, E. 09i/16:00/Wed Constraining Precisely the Timing of the India-Asia Continental Collision by Provenance Change

Gaschnig, R. 05c/08:45/Mon Behavior of Mo, U, and Tl Isotopes during Differentiation in the Kilauea Iki System
03j/2056/Mon Ni Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust Through Time

Gaspard, F. 09c/16:30/Thu Germanium/silicon Ratio to Trace Weathering and Hydrothermal Contribution to Element Fluxes in River Waters from Guadeloupe (FWI)

Gasparrini, M. 19g/15:15/Thu An Emerging Thermo-Chronometer to Resolve Longstanding Enigmas in Sedimentary Basin Analysis: D47/(U-Pb)

Gaspers, N. 10f/2321/Thu Lithium in Brachiopods – Proxy for Seawater Evolution?

Gassama, N. 13h/15:15/Mon Mobility of Trace Metals between Contaminated Sediments and River Water: An Experimental Study

Gassó, S. 16d/09:00/Thu Apportionment Study of the Dust Sources in the Middle East and North Africa Using GEOS-5

Gast, R. 15k/3223/Tue Dynamics and Regulation of Extracellular Superoxide Production by Marine Microbes

Gaston, C. 16d/10:15/Thu Laboratory Studies of the Cloud Droplet Activation Properties and Corresponding Chemistry of Saline Playa Dust

Gat, D. 16d/10:00/Thu Origin-Dependent Variations in the Atmospheric Microbiome Community in Eastern Mediterranean Dust Storms

Gatti, E. 07a/17:15/Mon Diffusion, Exchange and Solubility of Water in Rhyolitic Glass: Implications for the Interpretation of the δD Value

Gattinger, A. 11o/09:45/Tue Depicting in situ Carbon Transfer from Roots to Rhizosphere with NanoSIMS
11c/16:15/Wed Rhizosphere – Hot Spot for Organic Carbon Allocation between Plants, Microorganisms and Soil Minerals

Gaucher, C. 03j/2054/Mon Early Cryogenian Cr Isotope Stratigraphy, Otavi Group, Namibia
17l/2348/Wed Impact vs Volcanism in the Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes

Gaucher, E. 19g/15:45/Thu Formation of Mg-Aluminosilicates during Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments in the Volcanic Crater Lake of Dziani (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
19c/3099/Thu Origin of H2 and CO Adsorbed on Talc and Chlorite from the Trimouns-La Porteille Deposit (Pyrenees)

Gaudin, P. 11o/3062/Tue 2D Image Quantification of Microbial Iron Chelators (Siderophores) Using DET Method
13m/2200/Thu Environmental Impact of Phosphogypsum Piles in Tunisia

Gauert, C.D.K. 05f/16:45/Tue Fluid-Mineral Interaction and REE Mineralization in the Palabora Carbonatite Complex

Gauger, T. 15i/10:00/Mon Using He-Ion Microscopy to Map the Growth and Mineralization of Twisted Stalks Produced by Microaerophilic Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria