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Garcia Bravo, A. 13g/11:15/Thu Uncovering the Effect of Molecular Organic Matter Composition on Trace Elements Fate in Lake Sediments

García Casco, A. 05e/2194/Tue Mantle Plume-Supra-Subduction Zone Mantle Interaction: Evidence from Chromitite (Loma Caribe Ophiolite, Dominican Republic)

Garcia del Real, P. 19c/3094/Thu Global Serpentinization and H2 Production at Mid-Ocean Ridges: 200 Ma to Present

Garcia Ruiz, J.M. 14c/17:15/Wed Geochemical Plausibility of Silica Self-Assembly and its Relation to Life Detection Studies and Prebiotic Chemistry

Garcia-Alix, A. 11n/2113/Wed Holocene Environmental Evolution of Alpine Wetlands from Sierra Nevada (S. Spain). An Overview

Garcia-Arias, M. 06h/10:45/Tue I-Type Granites and Mineral Entrainment: A Thermodynamic Modelling

García-Casco, A. 05e/2195/Tue HFSE-Bearing Phases in Ophiolitic Mantle Chromitite Bodies from Eastern Cuba: Mineralogical Evidence of Fe-Ti Type Metasomatism of Oceanic Upper Mantle
05e/08:45/Wed Archean to Permian Zircons in Cretaceous Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from Eastern Cuba

Garcia-Martinez, A. 17h/09:15/Mon Reconstruction of Southern Ocean Paleo-Temperatures Based on Hydroxylated GDGTs along with Changes in Dust Deposition and Export Productivity

Garcia-Orellana, J.G-O. 10m/16:15/Tue Anthropogenic 137Cs, 237Np, 239Pu and 240Pu in the Mediterranean Sea
10g/2012/Tue Seawater Recirculation Versus Karstic Groundwater Driven DSi Fluxes to a Coastal Mediterranean Lagoon
10g/2014/Tue Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline
10m/2026/Tue Anthropogenic I-129 and U-236 along the GEOTRACES-Ga01 Transect in the North Atlantic
10m/10:00/Wed Influence of Deep Water Formation and Boundary Scavenging on 231Pa and 230Th Distribution in the Mediterranean Sea

Garcia-Rios, M. 19f/15:30/Tue Effective Kinetic Laws for Cement in Contact with a CO2-rich Solution

Garcia-Robledo, E. 09d/14:45/Mon Archean Oxidative Weathering: Insights from Sulfide Oxidation Experiments at Ultra-Low pO2

Garcia-Ruiz, J.M. 14c/2275/Tue Environmental Conditions for the Formation of Silica-Witherite Biomorphs and Relevance for Microfossil Identification in Archean Cherts
15b/09:30/Fri Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Hyper-Acidic Hydrothermal System of Dallol, Ethiopia

Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F. 15g/3209/Tue Using Radiocarbon to Fingerprint Ancient Sources of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon to the Alaskan Arctic Shelf

Garcia-Valles, M. 18d/3229/Thu Mineral Chemistry as a Tool for Optimization the Mineral Processing in the Central Andean Tin Belt

García-Zafra, S. 11n/2123/Wed Multidisciplinary Study of a Mediterranean Hypersaline Pond (Laguna Honda, Southern Spain)

GarcíaI-ibáñez, M.I. 10m/09:30/Wed Distribution of Radium-226 along the GA01-GEOTRACES Section in the North Atlantic

Garçon, M. 03h/14:45/Mon 142Nd Anomalies in Mid- to Late- Archean Sedimentary Rocks: Large-Scale Recycling of Hadean Crust?

Gardel, A. 09i/3214/Wed U-Pb Zircon Ages and Geochemical Analyses of French Guiana Recent Coastal Sediments Under Amazon Influence

Gardien, V. 17g/2311/Wed A New Paleo-Thermometer for Evaporitic Halite: Brillouin Spectroscopy
06j/15:30/Thu Deep Penetration of Meteoric Water in Variscan Ductile Shear Zones
06j/15:45/Thu New Paleo-Altimeter Based on Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes of Aqueous Fluid Inclusions in Hydrothermal Quartz
06j/2140/Thu Long-Lived Interaction between Hydrothermal and Magmatic Fluids in the Soultz Granite (Rhine Graben, France)

Gardin, S. 10f/2318/Thu Sulfur Impact on Coccolithophore Bio-Calcification. A Simulated in Vitro Approach Linking Present with Ancient Oceans

Gardiner, N. 06l/08:30/Mon Earth’s First Stable Continents did not Form by Subduction

Garg, S. 13o/17:00/Fri Impact of Irradiation on Silver Nanoparticles Mediation by H2O2 in the Presence of Natural Organic Matter

Garnett, M.H. 09d/3216/Mon Direct Measurement of CO2 Flux and its Isotopic Composition Released during Oxidative Weathering of Sedimentary Rocks

Garnier, C. 13g/3162/Wed Technology-Critical Elements (Sb, Ta, Te, In, Ga) and Organic Matter Interactions by Fluorescence Quenching
13m/10:30/Thu A Complemetary Approaches for Speciation of Trace Metals in the Stratified Krka River Estuary (Croatia): DGT vs. Voltammetry
10j/2340/Thu Trace Metal Content and Mobility in Estuarine Sediments of the Krka River (Adriatic Sea, Croatia)
10j/2341/Thu Evidencing the Contrasted Impact of Urbanized Rivers Inputs on Coastal Sediments Geochemistry: Insight from Toulon Bay (France) and St-Georges Bay (Beirut, Lebanon)

Garnier, Jérémie 13e/16:00/Wed Tracing Anthropogenic Zinc Contamination in Coastal Environments Using Stable Isotope Composition
13e/17:00/Wed Nickel-Hyperaccumulating Plants from the Serpentine Soils of Brazil: Vegetation Control on Ni Isotope Fractionation
13e/3138/Wed Chromium Mobility in Ultramafic Areas: An Isotopic Study