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Gamo, T. 10i/2201/Mon Distributions of Nd Isotopic Composition and REE Concentrations in Surface Seawater in the North Pacific Ocean
10i/2202/Mon Tracing the Subarctic North Pacific Intermediate Water by Using the Decoupling of Dissolved Zinc and Silicate
10i/2206/Mon Distributions and Biogeochemical Cycles of Platinum in Seawaters at Coastal Areas Around Japan
10i/2211/Mon Latitudinal Variations of Neodimium Isotopic Composition in Seawater along 160th Meridian East in the Western North Pacific

Gan, S. 15h/15:30/Fri Biotic and Abiotic Carbon Cycling in Geothermally Heated Sediments from the Nankai Trough

Gan, Y. 13k/3166/Wed Sediment Geochemisty of Quaternary Aquifers in Jianghan Plain, Central China: Implication of Arsenic Occurrences and Mobilization

Gandhi, N. 11a/2310/Mon Isotope Hydrology of a Tropical Coastal Lagoon: Evaporative Loss Estimates
17d/2052/Thu Centennial Tree-Ring Records over North Kashmir, India in the Context of Recent Climate Change

Ganeshram, R.S. 17h/09:45/Mon Southern Ocean High-Nutrient, Low-Chlorophyll Status during the Last Deglaciation: Insights from New N and Si Isotope Records
17h/3179/Mon ENSO and PDO Cycles Since Glacial Times: A 55, 000 Year Record of Inter-Annual and Decadal Variabilities from the Gulf of California
10n/3062/Wed Dissolved Organic Matter Cycling at the West Antarctic Peninsula
10l/08:45/Fri Ocean Deoxygenation and the Marine N Cycle: Prespectives from Nitrate N Stable Isotopes

Gang, Y. 13a/2174/Thu A Case Study on Application of Solidification/Stabilization Technique for Remediation of Contaminated Marine Sediments in the Republic of Korea

Gangl, S. 10h/14:30/Wed Metal Isotope Tracers of the Redox and Productivity States of the Past Oceans: Refining Modern Calibrations
10h/15:00/Wed Redox-Sensitive Metals in Red Shales: Exploring a New Archive for Palaeoceanographic Reconstruction

Gangloff, S. 09j/09:00/Fri Calcium Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption and Desorption onto Common Soil Phyllosilicates

Ganguly, J. 04d/10:15/Mon Incorporation of Nebular Water into the Earth's Mantle

Ganio, M. 12a/17:15/Mon Characterization of the Radiation Damage of Ultramarine Pigments by Microscale X-Ray Spectroscopy

Gannoun, A-M. 05h/2232/Tue Influence of Fluid-Rock Interactions on The Iron Isotope Composition of The Oceanic Lithosphere

Ganor, J. 07a/2152/Mon What is the Real Depandncy of Albite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
10i/2214/Mon Gypsum Precipitation Under Hyper-Saline Conditions: Size, Morphology and Brine Turbidity

Ganzeveld, L. 16d/3065/Thu Iodine Speciation in Aerosols over the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans

Ganzhorn, A-C. 07e/3001/Thu Water-Serpentine Interactions and Deformation in Subduction Zones

Gao, A-G. 09d/3210/Mon Distribution and Implication of the Rare Earth Elements in the Minjiang River of China

Gao, B. 13j/2128/Tue Hydrochemical Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Groundwater in South China Uranium Mining Area

Gao, C. 11n/2112/Wed Dating the Beginning Period of Regional Intensive Human Activities in the Northeast China: Implication for Ecosystem Recovery and Anthropocene Identify

Gao, F. 13m/2197/Thu Spatial Distribution of Available Heavy Metals in Relation to Land Use in Suburban Cultivated Soil of Northeast China
19g/3112/Thu Geochemical Characteristics of Biomarkers Extracted from Coal Measures Rocks during the Early Cretaceous in Jixi Basin, China

Gao, H. 16e/16:00/Fri Insight into Primary Sources and Secondary Formation Pathways of Aminium Salts in Different Sized Atmospheric Particles during Nine Marine and Coastal Campaigns

Gao, Jianfei 17g/2321/Wed Attempt on the Reconstruction of Seasonal Hydroclimate Changes in Bohai Bay Using Stable Isotopes of Bivalve Shells

Gao, Jun 06l/3190/Mon Symmetrical Mn, Y and HREEs Annular Maxima Garnet Zonation in UHP Oceanic Eclogite: A Witness of Thermal Structure Heterogeneity in the Subduction Channel?

Gao, Li 19g/09:30/Fri Application of Gas Isotope Geochemistry for Exploration, Production and Operations: A Comparsion Study on Tight Oil in Delaware Basin and Bohaibay Basin

Gao, Lu 22c/2297/Thu Enhanced Photo-Response of FeS2 Films: The Role of Marcasite-Pyrite Phase Junctions

Gao, Pan 10b/11:00/Thu Seawater Radiocarbon and Stable Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Profiles from the Mariana Trench

Gao, Peng 06h/3150/Tue Relict Zircon Tracking the Source Nature of Peraluminous Granite