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Gabelica, Z. 14a/15:00/Tue Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites

Gable, C. 22b/2361/Wed Integrating Reactive Transport with Thermal-Hydrological Flow on the Eastern Flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Gabo-Ratio, J.A. 18a/3015/Mon Geology and Mineralization of the Sangilo Epithermal Gold Deposit, Baguio Mineral District, Philippines

Gaboreau, S. 08b/2019/Wed Reactive Transport Modelling of Calcium Carbonate Formation in a Lab-on-A-Chip Device at 25℃
22a/2283/Thu Diffusion in Clays. Continuum and Micro-Continuum Approaches

Gabrielli, P. 17h/3168/Mon Dust Flux Variations in Last 800, 000 Years: Changes of Platinum Group Elements and Pb Isotopic Compositions at Dome C EPICA Ice Cores, Antarctica

Gadalia, A. 09c/16:15/Thu Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches

Gaetani, G. 02b/10:30/Mon Volatile Content of 4-Vesta: Evidence from Unequilibrated Eucrites
07e/14:30/Thu Determining Magma Ascent Rates from Diffusive D/H Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
06g/15:30/Thu X-Ray Microtomography-Based Reconstruction of Total CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions

Gafurova, D. 19e/2351/Tue Pore Space Formation Experimental Study in Result of Oil Shale Thermal Heating

Gagen, E.J. 07a/10:45/Mon Deciphering Sulfur Cycling, Porewater Geochemistry and Carbonate Mineralogy in Modern Dolomitic Sediments
14c/2263/Tue Potential of Weathering-Derived Efflorescences in Meteorites for Preserving Biofilms, Fossils and Organics

Gagliano, A.L. 19c/3093/Thu Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece

Gagliardi, L. 08i/10:45/Thu Thin Film Model of Crystal Growth and Dissolution

Gagnidze, N. 18i/2284/Wed Felsitic Magmatism and Th-Bi Mineralization in the Greater Caucaus Kakheti Region, Georgia

Gagnon, A. 10c/2002/Tue Quantitative Decomposition of the Biogeochemical “Heartbeat” of a French Polynesian Atoll
17k/10:00/Wed Sub-Micron Heterogeneity In Biominerals: What Is the Role of Organic-Mineral Interactions?
08b/2004/Wed Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Rates Manipulated by Organic Templates as Indicators of Coral’s Sensitivity to Ocean Acidification
17g/2302/Wed Controls on Cold-Water Coral Mineralization Through Manipulation of Separate Carbonate Chemistry Parameters in Culture

Gahlan, H. 06e/10:30/Thu The Late Neoproterozoic Dahanib Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Is it an Alaskan-Type or a Layered Intrusion?

Gaigeot, M-P. 13h/10:00/Mon SFG Spectroscopy of Silica/water Interfaces by DFT-Md Simulations
13h/10:45/Mon Water at Silica/ and Alumina/Liquid Water Interfaces Investigated by DFT-Md Simulations: Structure & SFG Vibrational Signatures Revealed

Gaillard, F. 04a/15:30/Tue Experimental Determination of Sulfide Melt – Silicate Melt Partitioning of Metals at Crustal Conditions Relevant to the Formation of Magmatic Sulfide Ore Deposits
05f/16:00/Tue Experimental Simulation of Rare Metal Enrichments during the Fractionation of Alkaline Magma
05h/2237/Tue Investigating the Effect of Pressure on the Sulfide-Sulfate Transition in Silicate Melts: Implications for the Behaviour of Chalcophile Elements and Redox State of Magma Sources

Gaillardet, J. 09d/09:30/Mon Erosion and Weathering Drive Net CO2 Drawdown in the Mackenzie River Basin over Geological Time
09d/10:00/Mon Erosion Drives Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Weathering of Rock-Derived Organic Carbon
09d/11:15/Mon Sulfur Isotopes in Rivers: Insights into Global Pyrite Oxidation and the Modern Sulfur Cycle
09b/14:30/Wed Carbonate Weathering Does Matter!
09b/15:00/Wed Temperature and CO2 Dependency of Global Carbonate Weathering Fluxes
09b/15:15/Wed Carbonate Weathering Processes: Controls and Rates
11j/2070/Wed Silicon Isotopic Reequilibration during Amorphous Silica Precipitation and Implications for Critical Zone Processes
11j/2072/Wed New Insights for Concentration-Discharge Relationships: High Frequency of Stream Water Chemistry
09c/3189/Wed Geochemical Characteristics of New Spring Water Occurred after the Kumamoto Earthquake
09c/3190/Wed Boron Isotopes in Rivers from Volcanic Islands: A Weathering Proxy?
09c/3195/Wed Changes in Mn Oxidation State and U Immobility in Weathering Rinds
11j/08:30/Thu River Geochemistry: Opportunities and Challenges
11j/15:15/Thu Combining Uranium and Boron Isotope Ratios to Trace Anthropogenic Salinity Inputs to the Rio Grande River in Southwest USA
09j/2254/Thu The Dissolved δ 137Ba Signal of Continental Weathering
09j/2261/Thu Controls on the Mackenzie River Sediment Geochemistry
09j/2266/Thu The Transient Response of Chemical Weathering to Hydrology: Insights from River Dissolved Trace Element Concentrations and Li Isotopes
09j/15:30/Fri Silicon Isotopes in Large River Sediments: Imprint of Modern-Day Weathering vs. Continental Recycling

Gaillot, A-C. 13m/09:15/Thu Imaging and Structural Characterization of HgS Nanoparticles in Organic Matrice: Results and Challenges

Gain, S.E.M. 04h/09:15/Wed CH4 Interaction with Basalt Magma: Super-Reducing Conditions beneath Mt Carmel, Israel

Gaines, E. 15i/2110/Mon First Measurements of Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Two Modern Bahamian Island Lake Stromatolites

Gaines, R. 10n/15:30/Wed Redox State of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle and Evolution of Eukaryotes during Late Neoproterozoic

Gajdesechova, Z. 13o/15:45/Fri Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ICP-Tofms) as a New Monitoring Tool for Nanoparticles and Trace Metals in the Environment

Galdanes, K. 13k/17:15/Wed Pulmonary Inflammatory Responses to Acute Meteorite Dust Exposures – Implications for Human Space Exploration

Galdi, S. 08f/10:45/Tue Sugar-Influenced Diffusion and Interaction Dynamics at the Fluid-Mineral Interface in Clay Nanopores: Computational and Spectroscopic Investigations

Gale, J.D. 08f/16:00/Tue Calcium Carbonate Growth and Dissolution: Building an Atomistic Picture via Computer Simulation
22c/14:30/Thu Modelling Calcium Phosphate Pre-Nucleation Events
22c/15:30/Thu Molecular Simulations of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions at Calcite Surfaces