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Fayek, M. 18a/15:30/Mo Microbial-Textures and in situ Sulfur Isotopic Analysis of Spheroidal and Zonal Sulfides in the Giant Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China

Feakins, S. 17a/10:00/Tu Mio-Pliocene Variations of the Indian Monsoon Recorded in the Bengal Fan (IODP Exp354)
17a/2286/Tu Late Cenozoic Climate and Carbon-Cycle Dynamics from the Arabian Sea (IODP 355)
15f/11:15/Th Observing Biodegradation of Complex Organic Substrates by Site-Specific Isotopic Analyses

Feder, F. 13c/10:15/Tu Kinetic Citrate-Bicarbonate Extraction of Green Rust Fougerite and Mineralogical Controls by XRD and Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Fedortchouk, Y. 06l/10:15/Mo UHP-Uht Melting and Diamond Formation

Fegley, B. 02e/16:30/Tu Chemistry of Impact-Generated Disks: Implications for the Moon
01g/17:15/Fr Potassium Isotopic Fractionation during the Volatile Depletion In Early Solar System

Fehr, M.A. 02b/2008/Mo Cadmium Isotope Variations in Bulk Chondrites
01f/09:30/Th The Abundance of 92Nb in the Early Solar System
01i/10:30/Th Nucleosynthetic Tin Isotope Variations in Chondrites
01i/2033/Th The Timing of Moderately Volatile Element Depletion in Planetesimals and Planets
01i/2036/Th Genetic Relationships of Solar System Materials Based on Ti Isotope Compositions
10l/10:15/Fr Assessing Ocean Deoxygenation during the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
21l/15:15/Fr Development of the Tellurium Stable Isotope Proxy

Fehrenbacher, J. 17g/10:15/Th Precipitation Rate Controls on Foraminiferal Geochemistry

Fehrer, A. 13a/17:15/Th In situ Chemical Oxidation of Diesel-Contaminations in Silt Lenses

Fei, S. 02b/10:15/Tu Noble Gases in the Recent Shergottite Fall Tissint: An ~1Ma Ejection Event on Mars

Fei, X. 12b/2336/Mo The Magnesium Isotope of the Andesites at El Laco, North Chile
18d/3218/Th Multiple Pluses and Stages of Complex Superimposed and Reworked Iron Mineralization: A New Metallogenic Model of High Grade of Iron Ores
18d/3223/Th Garnet Compositions of the Skarn Deposit

Fei, Y. 04d/09:45/Mo Experimental Investigation of Na, Cs and Rb Distribution between Planetary Core and Mantle
04d/14:45/Mo Constraints on the Light Elements in the Core from Partitioning and Mineral Physics Data
04d/2253/Mo Partitioning of Si and S between Solid and Liquid in the Fe-Si-S System up to 25 GPa with Implications for the Distribution of Si and S in a Partially Solidified Core
04d/2260/Mo Density and Velocity of Liquid Fe-11.8wt%S Alloy up to 211GPa: Implies Sulfur-Rich Earth's Outer Core

Feinstein, S. 15k/09:45/We Organic Matter and Fe Competition on Reduced S during Deposition of Senonian Organic-Rich Chalk in Israel

Felde, V. 11l/09:45/We The Architecture of Soil Micro-Aggregates Investigated by 3D X-Ray Microscopy

Feldman, Y. 13c/09:00/Tu The Role of Green Rust in the Genesis of Iron Formations and Implications for Trace Metal and Nutrient Cycles

Feldmann, J. 13o/15:45/Fr Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ICP-Tofms) as a New Monitoring Tool for Nanoparticles and Trace Metals in the Environment

Felis, T. 10a/2309/Th Can Stable Ba Isotopes in Corals be Used to Reconstruct Riverine Runoff?

Fellenberg, G. 13o/15:00/Fr Transfer of Organic Wastewater Contaminants from Microplastics to Natural Dissolved Substances

Fellhauer, D. 13f/15:15/Tu Redox Chemistry of Pu and Np Under Alkaline to Hyperalkaline pH Conditions

Fendley, I. 06i/08:30/We The Interaction of Impact and Volcanism at the End of Earth’s Cretaceous Period

Fendorf, S. 11o/10:45/Tu Climate Change Coupled with Elevated Soil Arsenic Will Decrease Rice Productivity and Grain Quality
13f/16:45/Tu Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge Using Highly Purified Wastewater
11e/3019/Tu Diminished Greenhouse Gas Emmissions from Flooded Rice Paddies Under Projected Future Climates
11e/3020/Tu Carbon in Transit – Implications of Microbial Energetics for Carbon and Contaminant Fate in Transitory Systems
11e/10:30/We Impact of Mineral-Organic Associations on CO2 Flux during Soil Moisture Transitions
08k/16:15/We Partitioning of Uranyl between Ferrihydrite and Humic Substances at Acidic and Circum-Neutral pH
11m/15:00/Fr Fe and S Speciation to Track Redox Constraints on Shallow Alluvial Sediments: Implications for U Storage and Stability

Fenet, H. 13h/2224/Mo POCIS Evidence Yaoundé's Rivers Pesticides Contamination

Feng, G. 05e/2196/Tu The Origin and Tectonic Setting of the Cuobuzha Peridotite, Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, China: Constraint from Re-Os Isotopic

Feng, H. 13m/2196/Th Multimedia Arsenic Exposure and Human Health Risk Assessment in Araihazar, Bangladesh

Feng, Lanping 09c/3194/We Molybdenum Isotope Behavior and its Implication during Weathering of Basalt from Intensive to Extreme Profile in Hainan Island, South China

Feng, Lei 04d/2260/Mo Density and Velocity of Liquid Fe-11.8wt%S Alloy up to 211GPa: Implies Sulfur-Rich Earth's Outer Core