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Farley, R. 05d/10:15/Fr Pulsing Evolution of a Hotspot: Constraining the Scale of Mantle Heterogeneities

Farlin, J. 21b/15:15/Th Transit Time Distributions of Heterogeneous Catchments: Are Current Lumped-Parameter Models Applicable ?

Farmer, J. 17g/10:00/Th Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies

Farmer, N. 04d/2261/Mo Forsterite-Willemite: A New Pressure Standard for Solid Media Experiments

Farnan, I. 19d/10:00/Mo MAS-NMR of Actinide Oxide Nanoparticles
19d/3045/Mo Development of Solid State MAS NMR Techniques for the Characterization of Uranium Minerals Produced during Dissolution of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Farnsworth, A. 17l/15:15/We Evidence for Strong Seasonality in the Shallow Tethys Across the End-Triassic Mass Extinction

Farooq, S.H. 19e/10:45/We Reservoir Temperature Estimation of Geothermal Springs of Odisha, India
11j/2076/We Extent of Seawater Intrusion and Identification of Freshwater Zones in the Coastal Aquifer of Puri District, India: A Geochemical Approch

Farooqi, A. 13e/3149/We Hydro-geochemical and Isotopic (δ 18O and δ 2H) Evidences on the Origin of Groundwater Arsenic and Fluoride Contamination along Floodplain Areas of Ravi River, Pakistan

Farquhar, J. 15k/14:30/Tu The Role of Reversibility and S Intermediates in the S Metabolism
05f/2222/Tu Sulfur Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India
16a/11:15/Fr Nitrogen and Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of the Dissolved Nitrate and Sulfate in Precipitation of Seoul, Korea

Farrand, W.H. 02b/2007/Mo Impact-Facilitated Hydrothermal Alteration in the Rim of Endeavour Crater, Mars

Farré de Pablo, J. 05e/2194/Tu Mantle Plume-Supra-Subduction Zone Mantle Interaction: Evidence from Chromitite (Loma Caribe Ophiolite, Dominican Republic)

Fassmer, K. 06l/3187/Mo Lu-Hf Garnet Geochronology of Peak-Metamorphism in the Tromsø Nappe, Northern Norway

Fau, A. 07i/15:00/Tu Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy for Mars Exploration: Insights from a Laboratory Analogue of the Mars2020 SuperCam Instrument
07i/15:15/Tu Advanced InfraRed and Raman Spectroscopy on Ca-Phosphates and Mg-Carbonates for Surface Exploration of Mars

Fau, V. 11g/15:30/Tu Tracing Sources and Fluxes of Nitrate and Phosphate in Riverine Systems of Western Canada Using Chemical and Multi-Isotope (N, O, B) Tracer Approaches

Fauches, R. 11n/2111/We Uses of Stable Isotopy 13C and 2H Ratio Analysis as Indicator of PAH Sources in Urban Environment. Example of Small Watershed Near Paris: Orge River, France

Faucon, M-P. 11o/3067/Tu Effect of Iron Plaques on Rare Earth Element Uptake during Rice Growth
13l/2190/Th Distribution and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements along the Jurien Bay Dune Chronosequence

Fauguerolles, C. 19c/16:15/Fr Linking H2 Concentration and Redox State ( fH2 and fO2) in H2O-H2-NaCl Fluids

Faul, U. 05e/09:45/Tu Plagioclase-Dunites from the Dinarides: A Link to Experiments
08e/14:30/Th Nm-Scale Composition Determination, Quantitative EBSD Measurements: Implications of Interfaces for Bulk Rock Properties
07e/08:30/Fr Oxygen Fugacity in Large Metal Capsules

Faulkner, D.R. 07e/3015/Th Micro/nanostructural Characterization of Dickite Pods Formed during the Seismic Cycle of the Alhama de Murcia Fault

Fauré, A-L. 21l/17:15/Th Comparison of Ionization Efficiencies by Cavity Source and Conventional Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Sub-Ng Loads of Uranium

Faure, F. 01d/2002/Th Si-Rich Glass Inclusions Trapped within Olivines of Type IA Chondrules: Only Relicts of the First Magmas of the Solar System?
01d/10:30/Fr REE in Glass Inclusions and their Host Olivines rom Type I Chondrules: Insight on the Composition of a Parent Planetesimal

Faure, P. 02g/3196/Tu Behaviour of Rare Earth Elements during the Earth’s Core Formation

Fawcett, L. 02f/3184/Tu 40Ar-39Ar, Chemistry and Mantle Source Modelling of Apollo 17 Basalts

Fawcett, S. 10n/14:30/We The Upper Ocean Nitrogen Cycle in the Atlantic Southern Ocean

Faye, S. 10j/2336/Th Biogeochemical Processes in Water-Soil Interface in Mboro Littoral Wetlands from Senegal