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Fabiańska, M.J. 19d/3040/Mon Sorption on Selected Samples of Chlorite – Bearing Rocks of South – Western Poland
13j/2109/Tue Complex Multi-Tool Analysis of the Composition of Coal Fire Gases and Related Condensates in the Upper Silesian Heaps: The First-Time Utilization of the in situ FTIR Measurements by GASMET DX4000 System
13j/2126/Tue Thermally-Affected Carboniferous Sediments Overlying Thinned Coal Seams in Jastrzębie Mine (Poland)

Fabienne, T. 13c/2082/Tue Green Rusts, Fougerite and Proto-Oxyhydroxides: A Reevaluation of their Relations on the Basis of a Consistent Set of Thermodynamic Data for Iron

Fabre, S. 09d/3217/Mon Clastic Coasts: An Overloocked Term of the Geochemical si Cycle
01g/2019/Thu Tungsten Isotope Fractionation during Co-precipitation (Calcite, Scheelite) and Adsorption (Goethite)
10j/2332/Thu Isotopic and Modelling Constraints on Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material
01g/15:00/Fri Disturbance of the Hf-W Systematics during Alteration Processes

Fabricius, A-L. 13f/17:15/Tue Suction Based Profiling Approaches to Simultaneously Assess the Redox Value, Nutrient-, Pollutant- and O2- (Pore)water Concentrations Across Sediment Water Interfaces

Facq, S. 07i/14:45/Tue Influence of the Liquid-Liquid Transition in Water on the Solvent-Solute Properties in Carbonate Solutions at High Pressure

Fadel, A. 14c/2268/Tue Microscale Molecular Characterization of Ancient Microbial Mats

Fagault, Y. 11n/15:30/Wed Response of Biomarkers to Abrupt Climatic Changes during the Last 25, 000 Years in Western Europe

Fagel, N. 17k/2339/Wed Comparison of LA-ICP-MS and ICP-MS Techniques for Determining High-Resolution Trace Element Contents in Belgian Speleothems
10l/3052/Wed Hypoxia Evolution on the Ukrainian Shelf of the Black Sea
14e/3102/Wed Thermal Maturity Estimation of Carbonaceous Material from Proterozoic Organic-Walled Microfossil Assemblages (DRCongo, Mauritania and Australia) by Using Raman Spectroscopy

Fahlbusch, W. 11o/3057/Tue Trace Elements in Plants – Correction Methods for Adhering Particles to get Real Plant Uptake

Fahnestock, F. 04g/2264/Wed Cratonic Signature and CO2-rich Metasomatism: New Insights from Veneto Volcanic Province Mantle Xenoliths
09j/2270/Thu 87Sr/86Sr Signature in the Po River Water and its Implication on Rock Weathering at Basin Scale

Fairchild, I. 14b/3129/Mon Carbonate Clumped Isotope Temperatures from the Onset of the Cryogenian

Faith, J.T. 06a/15:30/Fri Patterns of Secondary U in Ostrich Eggshell: Application to U-Th Dating of Quaternary Terrestrial Strata

Faithfull, J. 19e/11:00/Wed Fingerprinting the Temperature and Fluid Source of Fracture-Filling Calcite in Geothermal Systems Using Clumped Isotopes

Faivre, D. 08d/09:00/Mon From Banded Iron Formation to Iron Ore – Tiny Crystals Building Huge Iron Ore Deposits

Fakhreddine, S. 13f/16:45/Tue Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge Using Highly Purified Wastewater

Fakra, S.C. 15i/15:45/Mon Dolomite Formation in Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Microbial Biofilms
21a/09:45/Thu Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry
21a/3124/Thu Correlated Cryogenic STXM and Microprobe Study of Biofilms from a Sulfide Contaminated Groundwater Spring

Falcón, L. 08e/2029/Wed Biological, Mineral and Elemental Diversity of Extant Microbialites

Faleiros, F. 06l/3197/Mon Partial Melting of Continental Crust during West Gondwana Assembly

Falguères, C. 12a/2321/Mon Combining 40Ar/39Ar Single Crystal Dating with Paleo-Dosimetric Methods: Toward a Unified Chronological Framework for the Italian’s Acheulean Sites ?

Falkowski, P. 14a/16:00/Tue Metal Availability and the Evolution of Metabolism in the Archean Eon
14a/16:15/Tue (Protein) Networking and Dating
00a/11:45/Tue How Corals Make Rocks

Fallon, E.K. 18g/09:15/Thu Deep Impact; Environmental Toxicity of Mining Black Smokers

Fallon, S. 17k/2335/Wed High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

Falquet, L. 11o/3068/Tue Field Scale Relationships between Soil Chemistry and Arsenic Abundance and Speciation in Rice

Falter, J. 10a/08:30/Fri Coral Calcification in a Changing World and the Interactive Dynamics of pH and DIC Up-Regulation

Falus, G. 19e/09:00/Wed Carbonate Geochemistry of the Mihályi-Répcelak Natural CO2 Occurrence