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Emsenhuber, A. 02f/08:30/We Moon-Forming Giant Impacts with an Icy Impactor

Emslie, S. 17h/3180/Mo Oceanographic Mechanisms and Penguin Population Increases during the Little Ice Age in the Southern Ross Sea, Antarctica

Endo, S. 21g/10:15/We Water Subduction Processes Constrained by Halogens and Noble Gases in the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Rocks

Ene, V-V. 05e/2192/Tu Igneous Framework of the South Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Eng, P. 08k/2054/We Silver Nanoparticles Interactions with Solution/Biofilm/Mineral Interfaces
08b/11:15/Fr Formation of Zr(IV)-nanoparticles on Muscovite (001): Effect of Background Electrolyte
13o/15:30/Fr Quantum Dots Fate at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface

Engel, A. 10n/09:45/We Direct Experimental Evidence for Nutrient Co-limitation from the South Atlantic GA08 GEOTRACES Expedition

Engelbrecht, J. 16d/3056/Th Physical and Chemical Properties of Deposited Airborne Particulates over the Arabian Red Sea Coastal Plain

Engi, M. 06b/2187/We Decoupling of Zircon Characteristics at HT Conditions (>850℃)

Engle, M. 21i/15:15/Tu Hydrocarbons in Groundwater Overlying the Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, and Haynesville Shale Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Areas, USA

English, N.J. 22c/2292/Th Classical Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics in SiO2 Systems

Enomoto, H. 05b/2154/Tu Reconstruction of the Mineoka-Setogawa Ophiolitic Mélange: Deciphering Evolution of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc

Enrich-Prast, A. 11e/3035/Tu Sediment Pore Water DOM Characterization during Anaerobic Degradation (Amazon, Brazil)

Entwistle, James 13a/17:00/Th Biologically Mediated Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Solvents Using Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals

Entwistle, Jane 13j/15:45/Tu Newcastle Allotments Lead Biomonitoring Study: Modelling Blood Pb in Coal Ash Amended Urban Soils

Enzmann, F. 08b/15:00/Fr Dynamic Simulation of Kinetic Calcite Dissolution in a μCT-generated Pore Space

Enzweiler, J. 13g/3157/We Rare Earth Elements Leaching Experiments from Plutonic and Metamorphic Rocks with Desferrioxamine B Solution
10a/2313/Th Rare Earth Elements of Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks and their Significance as Paleoenvironmental Proxies
21l/3169/Th Complete Dissolution of Geological Samples Using NH4HF2 in a Microwave Oven

Epova, E. 12b/09:00/Mo Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes – A New Horizon in Authenticity Confirmation and Tracing the Geographical Origin of Food

Erastova, V. 22c/2285/Th Undestanding Surface Interactions in Aqueous Miscible Organic Solvent Treated Layered Double Hydroxides

Ercan, F. 14d/16:45/Mo Switching off the Toarcian OAE

Ercan, H. 07a/2151/Mo Sulphur, Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Composition of the Ca-Sulphate Minerals in the Tuzgölü Basin, Türkiye

Erdoğan, M.S. 19e/2350/Tu Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Characteristics of Westphalian Aged Coal Beds in Kozlu, Zonguldak/Turkey
11c/3005/Tu Element Enrichment and Organic Matter-Element Relationship of the Eskişehir Oil Shale Deposit, NW Turkey
11n/2118/We N-Alkane Characterization of Marine, Lacustrine and Terrestrial Environments: A Statistical Application on the Selected Fields from Turkey

Erel, Y. 09i/10:15/Th Provenance of the Southern Kalahari: A Wetland that Became Dry
16d/15:00/Th Chemical Characterization of Atmospheric Dust from a Weekly Time Series in the North Red Sea between 2006-2010

Erez, J. 10a/09:00/Fr Light Enhanced Calcification in Corals, Foraminifera and Clams and their Implications for Carbon Isotopes in their Shells

Eric, G. 09j/2264/Th The Coupling between Chemical Weathering and Mechanical Erosion in Volcanic Islands: Example of the Steep Reunion Island Basins

Erickson, P. 11a/14:30/Mo Quantifying Triplet Excited States in Dissolved Organic Matter Photochemistry