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Callura, J. 18i/16:00/Th Selective Solid Phase Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Aqueous Solutions

Calmels, D. 09b/14:30/We Carbonate Weathering Does Matter!
09b/15:00/We Temperature and CO2 Dependency of Global Carbonate Weathering Fluxes
09b/15:15/We Carbonate Weathering Processes: Controls and Rates
09j/2261/Th Controls on the Mackenzie River Sediment Geochemistry

Calmon, P. 13m/2204/Th Radium Distribution and Mobility in Forest Soils

Calvo, R. 09i/3225/We Provenance of the Miocene Sequence in Southern Israel: A Multi Proxy Iso-Geochemistry Study
06f/2129/Th Geochemistry of the Volcanic Rocks of the Moroccan Central Hercynian Massif: Geodynamic Significance

Cam, N. 08k/15:00/We Cyanobacterial Intracellular Carbonatogenesis: Phylogenetic Distribution, Mechanisms and Environmental Implications

Cama, J. 19d/3046/Mo 2D Reactive Transport Modeling of Opalinus Clay-Opc-Bentonite Interaction

Camacho, Alfred 08d/16:15/Mo Insigths into the Genesis of the Rio Blanco Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralization in the Occidental Cordillera of Southwestern Ecuador: Constraints Fron Zircon U-Pb and Sericite-Adularia Ar/Ar Geochronology

Camacho, Antonio 15l/16:00/Mo Nitrate-Dependent Microbial Oxidation of Fe(II) in Stratified Freshwater Lakes

Camara, F. 05d/2065/Th Changes in Clinopyroxene Crystal Structure and Chemistry as Functions of Pressure, Temperature, and Dissolved H2O Concentrations in Coexisting Basanitic Melts: Implications for Thermobarometry and the Compositions of Near-Solidus Mantle Melts

Cambeses, A. 07a/2154/Mo Garnet Replacement Processes during the Amphibolitization of Eclogites
06h/3137/Tu Deciphering the Geodynamic Significance of Mantle and Crustal Sources Tapped during Orogenesis. SHRIMP U-Pb Ages and Oxygen Isotopes in Zircon from the Brovales Pluton, Ossa-Morena Zone, SW Iberia

Camboulive, T. 11g/3043/Tu Role of Very Common Artificial Ponds on Nitrogen Behavior in the Critical Zone of Agricultural Areas (South-West of France)

Campbell, A. 11e/3031/Tu Redox Fluctuation Shapes Microbial Community Structure and Mineral-Organic Relations in a Humid Tropical Soil
11e/09:15/We Coupled Iron and Carbon Redox Dynamics in Tropical Forest Soils of Puerto Rico

Campbell, I. 18a/08:45/Mo Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry Used to Determine Cu and Au Fertility in the Northparkes Igneous Suites, Australia
05d/09:00/Fr The Concurrent Emergence and Causes of Double Volcanic Hotspot Tracks on the Pacific Plate

Campeny, M. 05f/09:15/We Southwestern Africa on the Burner: Pleistocene Carbonatite Volcanism Linked to Mantle Upwelling in Angola

Campillo, S. 21l/3142/Th Preliminary Data on New Olivine Reference Material MongOL Sh11-2 for in situ Microanalysis

Campione, M. 06l/15:00/Mo Friction from the Standpoint of Single Atoms: How Nanoscale Mineral Topography Drives Macroscale Seismicity

Campos, E. 12b/2336/Mo The Magnesium Isotope of the Andesites at El Laco, North Chile

Camuera, J. 11n/2113/We Holocene Environmental Evolution of Alpine Wetlands from Sierra Nevada (S. Spain). An Overview

Canavan, R. 10a/11:15/Fr Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Bulk Planktonic Foraminifera

Cancès, B. 13m/2198/Th Transfer of Copper in a Wine-Growing Area: Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Stormwater Pond

Candeias, A. 18f/2314/Tu Explora Project: New Geochemical Exploration Tools in Neves-Corvo Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt

Caner-Chabran, A. 13m/2198/Th Transfer of Copper in a Wine-Growing Area: Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Stormwater Pond

Canfield, D.E. 09d/14:45/Mo Archean Oxidative Weathering: Insights from Sulfide Oxidation Experiments at Ultra-Low pO2
14d/3139/Mo Diahopanes Indicate Aerobic Respiration in 1.4 Billion Years ago
14d/3144/Mo The Dynamical Tropical Ocean Chemistry in 1.4 Billion Years ago
03i/16:15/Tu Atmospheric Oxygen Concentrations from Mesoproterozoic Shale Geochemistry and Modelling
10n/14:45/We Nitrogen Regeneration Under Extreme Oxygen Conditions

Cangelosi, D. 05f/2209/Tu Influence of Hydrothemral Activity on the Final REE Minerlisation at the Okorusu Carbonatite Complex, Namibia

Caniço, A. 10l/11:00/Fr Lower Jurassic Organic Matter Preservation Events, an Oceanic Anoxic Event, and Carbon Cycle Perturbations