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Cabestrero, Ó. 15j/2127/Mon Bioinduced Formation of Bloedite in a Shallow Saline Lake

Caby, R. 05e/2202/Tue A Middle Jurassic Age for Ophiolitic Fragments in the Queyras Area (Western Alps)

Caddick, M. 06l/09:45/Mon Comparison of Archean Tectonic Modes Through Petrochronology

Cadeau, P. 15l/2145/Mon Early Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in an Anoxic, Sulfidic Lake (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte)
11a/2309/Mon Strong CO2 and CH4 Efflux from Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake: Implications on Carbon Budget
11d/10:15/Tue Unexpected Nitrogen Isotope Behavior Associated to OM Recycling in the Dziani Dzaha Lake
15k/3219/Tue Sulfur Isotope Systematics in a Modern Analogue of Precambrian Environments

Cadillo-Quiroz, H. 14e/3105/Wed Abiotic N2O Production Enhanced by Fe Precipitates in Anoxic Seawater

Cadot, E. 13h/2224/Mon POCIS Evidence Yaoundé's Rivers Pesticides Contamination

Caetano Filho, S. 10a/2313/Thu Rare Earth Elements of Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks and their Significance as Paleoenvironmental Proxies

Caffrey, J. 10j/17:15/Fri Biogeochemical Responses to the Installation of Artificial Reefs on the Shallow Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Shelf: Primary Production, Respiration and Nutrient Fluxes

Cai, H. 13e/11:00/Wed Mercury Isotope Systematics in Aqueous Environment of the Tibetan Plateau

Cai, J. 11c/3002/Tue Calculation of Biogenic Elements Propotion and their Distribution Characteristics in Shales of the Shahejie Formation in the Dongying Depression
19g/16:00/Thu Revealing Thresholds of Petroleum Mobility in Shale: An Experimental Study
19g/3109/Thu Correlation between Pyrolysis Data and Organic Matter Occurrence in Organo-Clay Complexes of Argillaceous Source Rock and its Significance

Cai, L. 15k/10:45/Wed Volatile Metabolite Fluxes from Natural Salt Marshes

Cai, P. 10i/10:00/Mon Large Fluxes of Dissolved Iron from Coastal Sediments Revealed by 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium

Cai, Q. 22b/2355/Wed The Impact of Ba2+ and Cd2+ on Defluoridation by Zeolite: Column Tests and Geochemical Modeling

Caillaud, J. 09i/3214/Wed U-Pb Zircon Ages and Geochemical Analyses of French Guiana Recent Coastal Sediments Under Amazon Influence

Cairney, J. 08e/2033/Wed Re-Os Geochronology of Sub-Micrometre Meteoritic Alloys Through Atom Probe Microscopy

Calabrese, S. 19c/3093/Thu Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece

Calagari, A.A. 07a/2161/Mon F and Cl in Sericite Evidence of Volatiles Fugacity of Hydrothermal Fluids in Hamand Porphyry Copper Deposit, SW Birjand, Iran

Calas, G. 08k/10:30/Wed Molecular-Scale Vision of Geochemical Processes: A World Without Frontiers?
09c/3207/Wed Structural Role of Zirconium in Nuclear Glass and in Corresponding Alteration Gel
18i/15:00/Thu Scandium Speciation in a World-Class Lateritic Deposit

Caldeira, R. 05d/10:00/Fri The 2014 Fogo Eruption (Cape Verde): Constraints on the Short-Term Geochemical Evolution and Plumbing System

Calder, R. 13k/10:30/Wed Linking Global Mercury Releases to Local Human Health Outcomes

Calin, N. 14c/2276/Tue Preliminary Paleontological and Mineralogical Study of the Diatomites from Patarlagele, Romania

Çalışkan, T.A. 19h/3050/Mon Hydrogeological Modeling of the Geothermal Waters of Alaşehir in the Continental Rift Zone of the Gediz within the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey

Callebaut, Ine 15j/2133/Mon Early Diagenesis of Arsenic in Electro-Active Sediments

Callebaut, Isabelle 08k/15:00/Wed Cyanobacterial Intracellular Carbonatogenesis: Phylogenetic Distribution, Mechanisms and Environmental Implications

Calleja, M.L. 10c/2004/Tue Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in the Mesopelagic Fish Accumulation Layer: Implications for C Cycling
13g/3151/Wed Natural Organic Matter in Mekong Delta Sediments: Implications for As Release and Mobility