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Adair, C. 11l/2087/We Do Clay Minerals Affect Dissolved Organic Matter Bioavailability in Batch Experiments?

Adam, C. 13h/2237/Mo Effect of Leaching on the Surface Mineralogy of Steel Slags

Adam, H. 08f/14:30/Tu Atomic Force Microscopy at Mineral-Water Interfaces: From High-Resolution Imaging to Chemical Identification

Adam, J. 05d/2065/Th Changes in Clinopyroxene Crystal Structure and Chemistry as Functions of Pressure, Temperature, and Dissolved H2O Concentrations in Coexisting Basanitic Melts: Implications for Thermobarometry and the Compositions of Near-Solidus Mantle Melts

Adam, P. 15l/2145/Mo Early Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in an Anoxic, Sulfidic Lake (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte)

Adam, S. 21b/14:45/Th Constraining Flow and Reactive Transport Models with Environmental Tracer Data

Adamczyk, B. 13h/2237/Mo Effect of Leaching on the Surface Mineralogy of Steel Slags

Adams, B. 06f/10:00/Fr Tectonics, Climate, and Copper in the Central Andes: Insights from (U-Th)/He Hematite Geochronology

Adams, Dean 23a/11:00/Mo The Oplontis Project: Integration of Geoscience, Humanities and the Arts in a Museum Exhibit and Related Courses for Undergraduate Students

Adams, Donat J. 07l/11:00/We Thermodynamics Stability and Elastic Properties of Earth's Mantle Minerals from the Decoupled Anharmonic Mode Approximation

Ader, M. 15i/14:45/Mo Δ47 and δ18O Disequilibria in Microbial Carbonates as Tracers of Metabolic Activity
15l/2143/Mo Origin of Siderite in Anoxic and Ferruginous Lake Pavin: Clues from C and O Isotope Compositions
15l/2145/Mo Early Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in an Anoxic, Sulfidic Lake (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte)
15l/2149/Mo Lipid Biomarkers and Microbial Diversity Associated with Aphotic Euxinic Chemoclines in a Saline Lake
11a/2309/Mo Strong CO2 and CH4 Efflux from Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake: Implications on Carbon Budget
11d/10:15/Tu Unexpected Nitrogen Isotope Behavior Associated to OM Recycling in the Dziani Dzaha Lake
15k/3219/Tu Sulfur Isotope Systematics in a Modern Analogue of Precambrian Environments
19g/15:45/Th Formation of Mg-Aluminosilicates during Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments in the Volcanic Crater Lake of Dziani (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
03b/2152/Th Nitrogen Isotope Evidence for Stepwise Oxygenation of the Ocean during the Great Oxidation Event
21l/3160/Th Analysis of Organic Carbon Isotope Composition: Contamination Issues and New Decarbonation Process

Adey, W. 17h/3160/Mo Northern North Atlantic Sea Ice, Temperature, and Carbon Cycle Interactions Through the Common Era Using Coralline Algae

Adhikari, L.B. 06f/2128/Th Carbon Dioxide in the Nepal Himalayas: Segmentation of the Crustal Source?

Adhikari, R.R. 17a/10:30/Tu Late Quaternary Chronology of the Lower Bengal Fan (IODP Expedition 354) – Paleoclimate Implications
15h/3198/Th The Deep Biosphere in Bengal Fan Sediments (IODP Exp. 354)
15h/15:30/Fr Biotic and Abiotic Carbon Cycling in Geothermally Heated Sediments from the Nankai Trough

Adkins, J.F. 09d/08:30/Mo Global Carbon Cycle Feedbacks of Glacial Weathering
09d/11:15/Mo Sulfur Isotopes in Rivers: Insights into Global Pyrite Oxidation and the Modern Sulfur Cycle
17h/16:00/Mo Intermediate Water Temperature and Radiocarbon Records from the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean Across the most Recent Glacial Termination
17h/17:00/Mo CO2 Storage and Release in the Deep Southern Ocean on Millennial to Centennial Timescales
15k/10:30/We Organic Sulfur Fluxes and Isotope Mass Balance in Rivers
17k/10:45/We Finding Toba: Traces in a Borneo Stalagmite
10h/3033/We Deep Sea Corals as Archives of Seawater Zn Isotopes
17g/16:30/Th Relating the δ34S of Carbonate Associated Sulfate to Solution Composition and Precipitation Rate
17g/16:45/Th Carbonate Associated Sulfate's Journey along the "Elderfield Curve"
10a/2305/Th Proxy Calibration of Cultured Cold Water Corals and Application to Fossil Corals from the Southern Ocean
09j/16:15/Fr Geomorphic Controls on Dissolved Li Isotope Compositions of Small Rivers in Eastern Taiwan

Adloff, M. 17b/2288/Tu Constraining Carbon Inputs during the Onset of OAE 1a via Inverse Modelling

Adrien, S. 09j/2264/Th The Coupling between Chemical Weathering and Mechanical Erosion in Volcanic Islands: Example of the Steep Reunion Island Basins

Adyasari, D. 10g/2011/Tu Dissolved Inorganic Nutrient Input to Awur Bay via Submarine Groundwater Discharge
10g/2019/Tu Groundwater Nutrient Fluxes in a Tropical Karstic Coastal Area (Southern Java, Indonesia)

Aeppli, C. 11n/10:15/Th A Biogenic Input of Heptadecane in Surface Waters Prior to and during the Anthropocene
11n/10:30/Th Lessons Learned from Hurricane Isaac, 2012: False Positives and Weathering of Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Spill

Aeppli, M. 11m/16:00/Th Assessing Iron Oxide Reduction Using Mediated Electrochemical Analysis
11m/16:15/Th Electrochemical Characterisation of Microbial Fe(III) Reduction

Aertgeerts, G. 04g/2262/We Melt-Rock Interactions in South Armorican Peridotites

Aeschbach, N. 17d/2046/Th Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems

Aeschbach, W. 21b/10:15/Th Application of Stable Noble Gases, 85Kr and 39Ar to Investigate the Freshwater Lens on Rottnest Island, Western Australia
21b/15:45/Th Modeling Seasonal Variations of Subsurface Gas Dynamics and Soil Gas Composition in the Context of Inert Gas Tracer Applications
21b/3136/Th Argon and Krypton Purification Systems for Noble Gas Radioisotopes Measurement with Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA)
21b/3137/Th Biogeochemical Processes in the Subsurface Determining Inert Gas Concentrations in Recharging Groundwater

Afanas'ev, V. 07e/3012/Th Mineralogical Features for Determining Age of Kimberlites from Siberian Craton by Kimberlite Indicator Minerals from Placers

Affek, H. 10a/11:15/Fr Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Bulk Planktonic Foraminifera