International Association of Geoanalysts Young Scientists Award (IAG)

Awarded during plenary on Thursday 17th August

The IAG dispenses an annual Early Career Researcher Award for excellence in analytical geochemistry. Eligibility is limited to scientists who are currently pursuing a higher degree in a field related to geoanalysis or who have completed their university education within the past five years. The award promotes the careers of young scientists who have either developed innovative analytical methods or provided new strategies to improve data quality as applied to the chemical analysis of geological or environmental samples.

Dorothea Macholdt Awarded to: Dorothea Macholdt
Abstract: Black, Anthropogenic, Manganese-Rich Crusts on the Freiburg Minster
Medal lecture in:
Session 21l at 09:15 in Salle 341 on Friday 18th
Peter Onuk Awarded to: Peter Onuk
Abstract: In situ Measurement of Sulfur Isotopic Composition (δ34S) in Sphalerite Using LA-(QQQ)-ICP-MS
Medal lecture in:
Session 21l at 11:00 in Salle 341 on Friday 18th