Gast Lectureship (EAG & GS)

Awarded during plenary on Friday 18th August

2017 Gast Lectureship. This award is bestowed jointly by the EAG and the Geochemical Society and has been named in honor of Paul W. Gast, the first Goldschmidt medallist (the Goldschmidt award is bestowed by the Geochemical Society). This lectureship is awarded to a mid-career scientist for outstanding contributions to geochemistry. The lecture is presented as a plenary at the Goldschmidt Conference. The award is presented annually at the Goldschmidt Conference and consists in a certificate and an honorarium (1000 Euros). The selection of the lecturer alternates between the GS Board of Directors and the EAG Council depending on the location of the Goldschmidt Conference. More info

Shuhei Ono Awarded to: Shuhei Ono
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Abstract: Clumped Isotopologue (13CH3D) Fingerprinting of Methane Sources
Medal lecture in:
Session 00a in Amphithéâtre Bleu on Friday 18th August 11:45 - 12:45