Goldschmidt2017 is the foremost conference in Geochemistry, and provides a unique opportunity to make contact with more than 4000 of the world's most senior geochemists.

The conference welcomes the participation of exhibitors, and can provide a range of opportunities including the hire of booths, arrangements to sponsor scientific sessions and social events, and various other naming possibilities.

Exhibition booths will be available at a cost of €3900 per booth and include two full free registrations. Each booth space is 3m x 3m and comes equipped with:

  • one table
  • two chairs
  • one wastebasket
  • one lockable cabinet and stool
  • a company I.D. sign
  • basic power supply

Society booths come with the same equipment, and one free registration, at a rate of €510.

The Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus details all of the sponsorship, advertising and exhibition booking details.

Download the Prospectus

Register Your Organisation

Please register your organisation, whether it is a commercial company, journal or society of scientists. The information you register on the website will be displayed in the list of exhibitors when you book your booth, and the list of sponsors when you sponsor the conference or student program.

A website registration also allows you to:

  • book your booth
  • submit abstracts on behalf of your delegates
  • register the names of the delegates included in your booth
  • purchase extra conference registrations
  • purchase tickets to social events and workshops.

Booking is open from 1st January. The deadlines for submitting abstracts, registrations and booth bookings can all be found on the deadlines page.

Register Your Organisation