Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Earth Sciences Identifying the problem & strategies for response - cancelled

Thursday 17th August 13:00 - 14:00
Contacts: Adina Paytan
Location: Salle 241 View on map
Price: 5€

This workshop aimed to engage the energies of the scientific community toward the goal of ending harassment of all kinds, and sexual harassment in particular. Discussions about how the master-apprentice relationship between students—particularly those in graduate school—and their scientific advisers has the potential to set the stage for harassment and allow it to perpetuate.

Topics addressed included:

  • Harassment in the sciences: Overview of the challenges and solutions
  • Understanding the legal landscape
  • The sociological context and call to action
  • Establishing the desired climate and culture on campus
  • Establishing the desired climate and culture in the field
  • Role of scientific societies in establishing the desired climate and culture in science
  • Developing guiding principles for changing the culture and climate of science