Implicit Bias

Wednesday 16th August 13:00 - 14:00
Contacts: Claudia Jesus-Rydin, Daniel Conley
Location: Salle 341 View on map
Price: 5€

The goal of the workshop is to increase awareness of the impact of gender implicit bias and provide tools to facilitate equitable decision-making across a range of processes. In this workshop you will be presented with various situations where gender imbalance may occur and you will be invited to interactively discuss concrete actions to change this reality. The situations presented will range from formal/institutional (e.g. recruitment and evaluation committees) to informal/individual (e.g. daily-life choices or actions). The workshop will address the following issues:

  • Short introduction to (gender) implicit bias; (presentation)
  • Concrete situations where implicit bias can be present and lead to unfairness; (presentation(s) + small group discussion)
  • Concrete efforts to move forward and change the world (presentation(s) + small group discussion)