Analysis of Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles is Aqueous and Soil Systems by Single Particle ICP-MS

Sunday 13th August 09:00 - 17:00
Contacts: James Ranville, Manuel Montano, Marc Benedetti
Location: Salle P15, IPGP View on map
Price: 90€

Nanoparticles, defined as particulate mater with dimensions less than 100 nm, play a key role in biogeochemistry and pollutant transport. NPs can also be potential anthropogenic contaminants of concern in their own right. New developments in single particle ICP-MS gives us a powerful tool to examine the abundance and characteristics of NPs, both natural and engineered, in geological and environmental systems. Through the use of element-specific quantitation by ICP-MS, the number concentration and size distribution of NPs in complex media such as soils, natural waters, biological tissues, and atmospheric deposition samples can be obtained. This course provides morning lectures on the theory of single particle ICP-MS as well as some applications of geochemical and environmental interest. In the afternoon, hands on training will be provided through the analysis of various data sets using commercial and custom software packages. The workshop attendees will gain from the workshop a practical working knowledge of single particle ICP-MS analysis.