Boron environmental geochemistry workshop

Sunday 13th August 09:00 - 17:00
Contacts: Jerome Gaillardet
Location: Salle 242A View on map
Price: 50€

This one day workshop aims to bring together people using or interested by using boron isotopes to understand the Earth’s surface dynamics. Not only have boron and boron isotopes been used as proxy for paleo-pH applications, boron is also receiving an increasing interest in for constraining important surface processes such as the transformation of rocks into soils, biorecycling in the Critical Zone and biological reactions, neoformation of minerals in the ocean and during diagenesis, hydrothermal reactions or to trace anthropogenic impact. The workshop will also offer the opportunity for an update on analytical techniques for measuring boron isotopes in biological and geological materials or the introduction of shared reference materials. The meeting will consist of half an hour talks allowing detailed presentations and a poster session. We hope that the workshop will help developing the key future research direction on boron isotope geochemistry.