Introduction to Using ET_Redux for processing, visualizing and archiving U-series Data

Sunday 13th August 09:00 - 17:00
Contacts: Andrea Dutton, Jim Bowring, Noah McLean, Ken Rubin
Location: 224/225 Mezzanine View on map
Price: 30€

Participants will be introduced to new software being developed for the U-series community. The workshop is ideal for faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about U-series geochronology and emerging cyberinfrastructure to support the analysis, discovery, and archiving of U-series data. In particular, the workshop will focus on developments that have been incorporated into existing cyberinfrastructure (ET_Redux) to upload, analyze, and visualize data as well as produce publication quality figures and tables. In addition to introducing the new capabilities of this software, we are seeking feedback from the community on further features and functionalities that could be added to the existing platform. Familiarity with this system will be essential for both producers and users of geochronology as analytical precision, accuracy, and spatial resolution improve, as data sets become larger, and as opportunities proliferate to integrate geochronology with other types of geochemical, petrologic, and stratigraphic information.