Community Events

These events are organised by scientists, societies and members of the geochemical community for the benefit and interest of all our delegates.

Goldschmidt Wild Orbit Cinema [details] 14 Aug Adrienne Macartney FREE
GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 [details] 16 Aug Bob Anderson, Gideon Henderson, Catherine Jeandel, Reiner Schlitzer, Elena Masferrer Dodas

Community Event Details

Goldschmidt Wild Orbit Cinema

Monday 14th August 12:45-14:15
Contacts: Adrienne Macartney
Location: Palais des congrès de Paris View on map

This year Goldschmidt and Wild Orbit Films are hosting a week-long celebration of the very best science communication. Twenty of the best short science films submitted will receive a lunch time screening throughout the conference. Come and watch them!

Films will be judged by a panel of eminent scientists and media professionals including Dr Zita Martins and Prof. Liane Benning. Prizes, or Orbits, will be awarded to the best communicators in our science. One prize will be a private tour of the large hadron collider in CERN, Switzerland, and a number of other top prizes are still to be confirmed.

Communicating science effectively, explaining why it matters, why it should be funded, and why people should listen and trust our expertise is essential. Creating bite size, high quality science films has become the way to achieve this. We are looking for the best geochemistry science films made by you, the scientists.

Goldschmidt Wild Orbit Cinema 2017 opens for submissions on the 1st of March 2017. Entries can be submitted here.

This event will run each day of the meeting:

  • Monday, 14th August: 12:45-14:15
  • Tuesday, 15th August: 12:45-14:15
  • Wednesday, 16th August: 12:45-14:15
  • Thursday, 17th August: 12:45-14:15
  • Friday, 18th August: 12:45-14:15

GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017

Wednesday 16th August 12:30-14:00
Contacts: Bob Anderson, Gideon Henderson, Catherine Jeandel, Reiner Schlitzer, Elena Masferrer Dodas
Location: Havane View on map

Building on the success of its first intermediate data product, released in 2014, the GEOTRACES programme will deliver the next Intermediate Data Product (IDP2017) at the Goldschmidt Conference in Paris. GEOTRACES ( is an international study of the marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes. The IDP2017 presents a remarkable synthesis of data from the Atlantic Ocean and a more complete coverage of data from the Arctic, Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans than was provided in IDP2014. Moreover, it includes a larger range of biogeochemical parameters, including genomic data and novel proteomic results.