Communicating Science

The forthcoming period is special: populism is gaining momentum, raising concerns about what this might imply in terms of denying science and promoting belief rather than facts. Geochemistry is a privileged discipline in which to observe and understand how the world functions in time and space. We are continuously observing, building stories and developing models that can be tested and corrected at any moment when new data arise. I am always amazed to see what can be said, with trace elements in a microphase or with isotopic ratios at extreme precision, about processes that occurred billions of years ago, or that will take place in the future (sadly, in some cases, the all-too-near future). We are fortunate to be paid for doing a creative, non-profit job and it is time to give back to society what society has given to us. We need to stand up and inform decision makers and, more modestly but equally importantly, our neighbours around the corner.

To do this well we need to concentrate efforts on reaching out in new ways and communicating both what science is and what truths it is telling. Outreach has never been more critical. We have brought together at the Goldschmidt2017 conference several initiatives to help our community achieve this aim and we hope you will take advantage of those relevant to you. Please note that authors can submit a second abstract to the Teaching Outreach and career theme so we can understand and promote the best practice in these areas as well as in our research.

Bernard Marty
EAG President