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(2017) Assessing Deep-Sea Nodule Mining Impacts on the Benthic Ecosystem: From Large to Small Scale

Stratmann T, Voorsmit I, Sweetman A, Mevenkamp L, Vanreusel A, Gebruk A, Brown A, Purser A, Marcon Y, Jones D, Soetaert K, Wei C-L & van Oevelen D

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Tanja Stratmann
Ilja Voorsmit
Andrew Sweetman
Lisa Mevenkamp
Ann Vanreusel
Andrey Gebruk
Alastair Brown
Autun Purser View all 3 abstracts at Goldschmidt2017
Yann Marcon View all 3 abstracts at Goldschmidt2017
Daniel Jones
Karline Soetaert View all 2 abstracts at Goldschmidt2017 View abstracts at 4 conferences in series
Chih-Lin Wei
Dick van Oevelen View abstracts at 2 conferences in series

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