From Laurie Reisberg, President, Geochemical Society

Laurie Reisberg

Welcome to Yokohama for the 26th Goldschmidt Conference, named in honor of Victor M. Goldschmidt (1888 - 1947), whose pioneering work laid the basis of modern geochemisty. The Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry host the conference in alternate years, with support from the Geochemical Society of Japan and other co-sponsors. Starting with 464 attendees at the first meeting in Maryland in 1988, the Goldschmidt conference now attracts each year over 3000 delegates from throughout the world.

Exciting science is of course the heart of the Goldschmidt conference. This year, rather than predefining sessions, the Science Committee solicited suggestions from the geochemical community right from the start. The response was overwhelming. Over 300 sessions were proposed, which the Science Committee and Theme leaders integrated into a coherent program of ~140 sessions broad enough to cover all geochemical interests. These are supplemented by numerous workshops and field trips associated with the meeting.

In accordance with the Goldschmidt Conference's growing focus on early career scientists, the highly popular mentoring and "meet the speaker" programs have been continued, and a new program has been added, consisting of a full day of short courses and workshops for students on the Sunday before the meeting. In addition, more than 130 young scientists will benefit from travel grants or waived registrations. In another innovation, lectures to local high school students will communicate the excitement and importance of geochemistry to the next generation.

We thank the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed to the success of the conference. The creativity and dynamism of the Local Organizing Committee, the judgement and tireless efforts of the Science Committee, the efficiency and responsiveness of Cambridge Publications were all essential to this effort. Finally, we sincerely thank our sponsors for their generous financial support.

Have a great Conference!

Laurie Reisberg
President, Geochemical Society

From Harue Masuda, Local Organising Committee Chair

Harue Masuda

Dear Friends:

It is a great honor to introduce the Goldschmidt Conference 2016 at Yokohama, Japan, to all our friends. This is the second Goldschmidt Conference held in Japan after Goldschmidt2003 held at Kurashiki.

Yokohama is a large Japanese maritime city, and has been our front door since 1853 when we opened that door to the world. The venue, Pacifico YOKOHAMA, located downtown, is one of the largest conference centers in our country. It is the rainy season now, however, if you are lucky, you can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan, from the venue.

At the venue, we provide chances to improve your geochemistry not only through scientific sessions, but also pre- and post- session workshops, and student’s programs. We also provide chances to meet old and new friends, top leading and young and spirited geochemists at official and unofficial events, such as the banquet, dinner cruise on the Yokohama Bay, morning jogging party, small welcome events at the exhibition hall, and so on. You will experience the beautiful and dynamic nature of Japan if you join the pre- and post- conference field trips. Also, we hope you will enjoy culture and nightlife around the venue during the conference. We hope that the conference will be the place to bring together the world of geochemistry for everyone with a fruitful sharing of ideas.

More than 3,500 scientists from more than 50 countries have submitted work to the conference. All the members of international and local organizing committees have enjoyed the making a contribution to preparing the conference including pre- and post- events. Thank you for your patience during the preparation of the conference. We will do all that is possible to be able to greet you with a warm welcome, and thank you for your cooperation with the organization of the conference.


LOC chair,