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(2015) 3D Mapping of Groundwater Geochemistry in Osaka Basin
Shintani T, Masuda H, Mitamura M, Nemoto T & Morikawa N

(2014) Transportation Process of Arsenic in Red River, Vietnam
Masuda H, Inoue R, Shintani T, Chikaoka F, Luan TX, Hang DT, Yonezawa G & Nakano T

(2011) Promoting As Release by Aerobic Water Infiltration into Holocene Aquifer, Bangladesh
Masuda H, Maeda S, Okabayashi K, Seddique AA, Mitamura M, Morikawa N & Nakaya S

(2010) Chlorite as a Primary Source of Arsenic in Groundwater Aquifer Sediments in Bengal Delta
Masuda H, Shinoda K, Noguchi N, Okudaira T, Takahashi Y, Mitamura M & Seddique AA

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Goldschmidt2020 Local Organizing Committee: Member
Goldschmidt2017 Grant Committee: US Merit Based Grant reviewer
Goldschmidt2016 Organising Committee: Chair


Goldschmidt2017: Mentor (Mentoring Johannes Besold, Gianfranco Pincetti Zuniga)
Goldschmidt2016: Mentor (Mentoring Loic Martin, Susanne Laumann)