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(2013) Development of the La-Ce Systematics: Application to Arc Magmas
Bellot N, Boyet M, Pin C, Chauvel C, Doucelance R & Auclair D

(2009) 300 M.y. of Komatiite Evolution in the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Robin C, Arndt N, Chauvel C, Byerly G, Kareem K, Hofmann A & Wilson A

(2000) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Dia A, Benedetti M, Riotte J, Chabaux F, Boulègue J, Bulourde M, Chauvel C, Gérard M, Deruelle B & Ildefonse P

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2016 - Theme 05: Mantle to Crust
Goldschmidt2008 - Theme 6: Mantle Geochemistry

Session convener

Goldschmidt2016 - Session 05f: Formation and Destruction of the Continental Crust: Tales from the Crust and the Mantle, from the Hadean to the Phanerozoic
Goldschmidt2015 - Session 18d: Crustal Recycling: Subduction, Delamination and Other Processes
Goldschmidt2014 - Session 06a: The Scum of the Earth—The Composition of the Continental Crust and Mechanisms for its Production Through Time
Goldschmidt2013 - Session 07a: Deep Transport of Subducted Material: Escaping the Meat Grinder
Goldschmidt2008 - Session 06b: How are Mantle Heterogeneities Created?


Goldschmidt2016: Mentor (Mentoring Demian Nelson, Mpho Keeditse)