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(2013) Diffusion of Titanium in Forsterite
Jollands M, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Spandler C

(2009) Trace Element Records of Hydration and Dehydration Reactions in Ultramafic Rocks
Kodolányi J, Pettke T, Spandler C, Scambelluri M, John T, Kamber B & Gméling K

(2009) Allanite in situ Dating in Mylonite: Case Study at the Mt Mucrone, Italy
Cenki-Tok B, Berger A, Thomsen T, Goncalves P, Oliot E, Engi M & Spandler C

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2016 - Theme 07: Subduction

Session convener

Goldschmidt2009 - Session 06f: Chemical/isotopic Composition and Evolution of Slab Components with Progressive Subduction:<br/>1) from Seafloor Down to Forearc Depths, Including Subduction Channel Processes, <br/>2) from Forearc to Subarc Depths and Beyond


Goldschmidt2016: Mentor (Mentoring Yuting Cao, Jeremy Lee)