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Barbara Sherwood Lollar CC, University Professor in Earth Sciences, University of Toronto is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (2015), the Geochemical Society (2019) and European Association of Geochemistry (2019). She is Co-Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) program Earth 4D – Subsurface Science and Exploration.

Sherwood Lollar’s pioneering work establishing the principles for using isotopic tracers to identify, and most importantly quantify, microbial and chemical transformation of groundwater contaminants has had a global impact in the field of drinking water remediation. Deeper in the Earth’s crust, her work coupling investigations of the deep subsurface carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur cycles with noble gas isotopic tracers elucidates water-rock reactions producing hydrogen and methane rich environments in the terrestrial subsurface, contributing to a transformed understanding of global habitability, and the sustainability of subsurface microbial communities.

Recent awards include 2019 NSERC Gerhard Herzberg Gold Medal, 2019 C.C. Patterson Award, 2018 Logan Medal, 2016 NSERC John Polanyi Award, 2016 Bancroft Award, 2014 International Helmholtz Fellowship, and 2012 Eni Award for Protection of the Environment.
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Goldschmidt2018 - Session 03j: Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid-Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day
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