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(2014) Chemical Zonation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Guan Y, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

(2011) Volatile and Major Element Zonation within Melt Inclusions: A Natural Diffusion Experiment
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Guan Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2014 - Theme 12: Geochemistry of Volcanic Systems and Natural Hazards

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Goldschmidt2014 - Session 12f: Tracking Volatiles: Magmatic Volatiles, Degassing, Eruptions, Volcanic Lakes, and the Environment